Seer was reportedly “mega buffed” just before Apex Legends Season 10 release

Seer Apex Legends Season 10Respawn Entertainment

Seer is arguably the most broken release in Apex Legends history. The Season 10 character has infuriated players with his vast amounts of utility. But apparently, it didn’t have to be this way, with him being “mega buffed” just before his release.

Seer is the character everyone loves to hate in Apex Legends. Since his launch in Season 10, there’s been a barrage of complaints about how strong his recon abilities are.

Permanent wallhacks? Check. A tactical that blinds, damages, stops revives and heals, and even shows you the enemy’s health bar? Check. A stationary Bloodhound scan that lasts forever on his ultimate? Check.

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Those are only some of the things players have been annoyed about. However, it apparently didn’t have to be this way.

Apex Legends pro for SCARZ Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek said as much in a recent Twitch stream.

He asked TSM pro Jordan ‘Reps’ Wolfe if he playtested Seer, and while he said no, Mande claimed Seer was “omega buffed” just before his release.

“I was just wondering if Seer was that f**king broken in playtests too,” Mande said.

“What I’ve heard from other people that playtested that apparently do all that shit at all. He was completely fine in the playtests, like a good character. [Respawn] apparently omega buffed him before they released him.”

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The news came as a shock to both Reps and Mande’s teammate Can ‘Taisheen’ Öztürk, who was also in the lobby.

Mande himself didn’t playtest Seer, so he doesn’t have first hand experience. He didn’t go in-depth about what Seer was like in the playtests. However, he was adamant that what he heard was true.

Apex Legends players are still hanging out for a nerf to the newly-released recon character, but it has been delayed by a week until later in August.

Exact details on how Respawn are toning back the Legend remains to be seen, but any nerf will be rejoiced.

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