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Apex Legends players resort to “easy” counter for strong Seer scans

Published: 14/Aug/2021 22:37 Updated: 15/Aug/2021 9:56

by Alan Bernal


Seer has made an impact in the Apex Legends meta after the Season 10 Emergence update, as people continue to explore any kind of counter to his ability kit.

That’s when people noticed that the same problems, and by extension solutions, they had with Bloodhound’s scan could be applied with Seer’s brand of scouting. While there’s more nuances to it, the Apex community are going back to basics to try and stymie the Ambush Artist.

Seer’s ability kit is completely geared to revealing enemy teams. Since it’s his strong suit, it’s no surprise people are still adjusting to him or having trouble escaping his scope.


While it’s not the most clever method, overcoming a squad with a good Seer could come down to simply kiting away from his radius and looking for an opening.

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Escaping Seer’s view is hard, but there’s plenty of options to try and outplay him.

Reddit user ‘the_pepp92’ says “it’s not that hard” to play against some of the best reconnaissance Legends in the game like Seer and Bloodhound. You just need to have enough patience to outlast their scans.

“Easy: don’t fight while scanned. Seriously, it’s not that hard. If you peek while scanned they pre-fire that angle and you get melted,” they said.

They described how teammates often trying to fight up on an enemy’s position shortly after getting scanned, and were perplexed to see people enthusiastically run into their dooms.


But that still leaves the problem with Seer’s passive ability which lets him have a heartbeat sensor whenever he aims down the sights.

Easy tip for how to play against seer and bloodhound from apexuniversity

You can’t do anything about that, but you can give yourself a chance by dodging his more potent tracking tools. With most releases, even Horizon who was considered very strong when she launched, have a rhyme and reason to their kits.

There are some aspects of Seer that most people are convinced are too OP in their current state, and that would be a job for Respawn to look into nerfs.

But until then, there are habits every player can take up that could give them a much better playing experience against Apex Legends’ latest character.