Apex Legends pro ImperialHal explains why it’ll be impossible to ever balance Seer

ImperialHal Seer Apex legends impossible to balance season 10Twitter: TSM_ImperialHal / Respawn Entertainment

Seer has been a divisive topic since his launch in Apex Legends Season 10. Having disrupted the meta so much, pros like TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen are concerned Respawn will never be able to balance Seer due to how strong his kit is.

Seer’s release in Apex Legends has arguably disrupted the meta more than any other.

The new intel Legend, who dropped in the Season 10 update, features an incredible amount of tracking ability with “wallhacks” thanks to his heartbeat sensor pinning down the location of any enemy within 75 meters.

That’s excluding his tactical and ultimate, which can not only show enemy locations to teammates, but their health bars too.

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The amount of power jammed into Seer’s kit and his overwhelmingly strong launch has forced Respawn’s hand to nerf him. However, pros like ImperialHal are concerned that no matter what, he will never be pushed out of the meta due to his raw strength.

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Seer needs to be reworked entirely, in Hal’s eyes, to be remotely balanced.

“I feel like people are completely not understanding what needs to be nerfed on Seer. People are saying you only need to nerf the damage ⁠— I think I also said it, and I’m 100% wrong,” he said.

“How do you nerf a character when the base concept of the character is so strong? You have to completely change the character for it to be nerfed correctly.

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“The whole problem with [Seer] is the heartbeat sensor. You have permanent wall hacks without having to use your own abilities. How do you fix that? You can’t fix that because it’s literally a passive of the character.”

While community consensus is to remove some of the extra power on his tactical, like the damage and the flashbang, ImperialHal’s claim suggests Respawn needs to go further and completely rework the Legend.

His TSM teammate, Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona, agreed. He believed the meta was going to shift back towards more defensive characters like Wattson and Caustic because of Seer’s addition.

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However, he also pushed Respawn further, by saying Seer is the reason Apex needs to have a Legend ban system in competitive play.

“Seer might be the character that forces a ban system in Apex in comp. I feel like it’s absolutely necessary at this point,” he said.

Seer’s nerf is yet to hit live servers, but it is on its way.