New Octane jump pad glitch gives Apex Legends speedster ridiculous new buffs

Andrew Amos
Octane holding selfie stick in Apex Legends

A new Octane jump pad glitch has been discovered in Apex Legends Season 11, giving the High-Speed Daredevil an insane movement buff all allies can use. You can launch yourself half-way across Storm Point, and even throw your abilities three to four times further.

Apex Legends players pride themselves on their movement. From tap-strafing to super-gliding and everything in between, the little edges make the biggest of differences.

Octane’s jump pad is one of the better movement abilities in the game, bouncing you from one location to the next. However, a new glitch in Apex Legends Season 11 has given “jump” a whole new meaning ⁠— it’s more like a rocket launch.

Apex Legends pro Apryze was among the first to discover it, coming across it in a random ranked game.

Before long, he was launching himself across the map with a super jump off the pad, taking him many times further than usual.

It might seem random, but there’s some logic to the bug. The Octane jump pad glitch can be activated in one of two ways, according to Mokeysniper:

  1. Place a jump pad on the edge of a Prowler’s Nest on Storm Point and run around it.
  2. Place a jump pad so it’s touching a death box, and then run on top of the death box.

The glitch doesn’t just affect Octane. Any Legend can take advantage of it ⁠— but Octane needs to drop the pad first though.

It also does more than give you a super jump. It allows you to throw your abilities and grenades even further. If you try to fire your gun afterwards too, your first few bullets will travel much faster. It’s like everything has been stimmed by Octane.

The glitch does have some drawbacks. You only get one charge of the super jump before you have to activate the glitch again. Also, running over uneven terrain like rocks will use up the charge.

To test it out, you can deploy a holospray ⁠— if it gets thrown far across the map, you’re still good.

The one charge could be enough to get your team out of a sticky situation with a huge jump, or surprise some enemies.

Obviously, it’s a glitch, and so it’ll eventually be removed by Respawn ⁠— especially considering they intended to nerf Octane in Apex Legends Season 11. However, if you want to have a bit of fun and test the limits of Apex’s movement, give it a whirl.

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