Apex Legends out-of-bounds Trident glitch makes games unwinnable

Olympus map in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have recently discovered a Trident bug on Olympus that allows them to sit out of bounds and out of the storm, making games impossible to win for anyone else. Players are already demanding a fix to the game-breaking bug.

Apex Legends has had its fair share of bugs over the years. With maps being so large and so many players doing their best to test the boundaries of what’s possible, the game is bound to break at the seams here and there.

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However, a recently discovered Trident bug allows players to sit out-of-bounds for the entire match, making them unkillable by other players and the storm.

While this glitch only works in a specific area on Olympus, it makes games genuinely unwinnable. Apex Legends players are demanding either an immediate fix or for Olympus to be temporarily removed from the map rotation until the bug is squashed.

Apex Legends players discover game-breaking Trident glitch

A post on the Apex Legends reddit page has gained some traction, one that depicts a team getting killed by the storm in the final ring without having any clue where the enemy team was hiding. Ultimately, they weren’t able to win the match despite appearing to be the only team in the lobby.

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With the ring that close, the people in the clip were confused about how they could have lost the game despite not seeing the other team. However, it’s been revealed that those other players were taking advantage of a game-breaking bug.

“There’s a new glitch where people can get under the map w a trident. /: hopefully it gets patched soon and hoping nobody figures it out. I didn’t believe it until a random showed me.” commented one reddit user. Other players shared that they’d experienced the bug firsthand, and Dexerto has since verified that the bug is real.

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In a specific area of Olympus, driving your Trident off the map will allow you to clip out of bounds in an area that’s unaffected by the storm and inaccessible to players.

While we won’t show exactly how to do the Apex Legends Trident glitch for the sake of maintaining competitive integrity in matches for as long as possible, here’s what it looks like when you’re out of bounds.

Beware of using this bug if you discover how to pull it off, as Respawn have historically banned those who have purposely taken advantage of glitches and exploits. Not to mention they’ve been particularly hard on cheaters as massive ban waves have come in recent times.

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While this isn’t as obnoxious as the invincible Trident glitch that was ruining games a few months ago, it’s just as impactful and frustrating when it comes to players being unable to win due to a glitch.

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