Apex Legends Storm Point Wildlife guide: How to get easy loot on Season 11 map

Ash being hcased by spider Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 is introducing the new map Storm Point to the rotation and although standard looting will remain the same, killing the local wildlife may be the quickest way to find top-tier gear.

Apex Legends Escape is set to go live on November 2 and the community is desperate to play the new Legend Ash and teardown their opponents with the CAR SMG.

However, it’s the upcoming Storm Point map that’s getting most of the attention from players as the shift to a tropical island landscape has opened up new possibilities for Respawn.

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One of which is the inclusion of more monsters on the map and while they may seem like an inconvenience at first, they can offer you a huge advantage if you choose to take them on.

With Prowlers, Flyers, and Spiders all being inhabitants of the Storm Point map, let’s check out how they behave and why you should kill them when Escape launches.


Spiders on Storm Point

Apex Legends spider eggsRespawn Entertainment
Spiders are only aggressive if you shoot their eggs.

The Season 11 announcement blog has shed some light on which creatures you can expect to encounter during your matches on Storm Point and to anyone that’s not a fan of spiders, we suggest staying away from the eggs.

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These six-legged (not eight) arachnids can be found across the tropical island but will only become aggressive once their eggs have been disturbed. If you do choose to take them on, remember to keep your distance and look out for their ranged spitting attack.

Keep in mind, they move incredibly quickly so it’ll take precise aim to track their movement and take them down. Remember to communicate with your squad so each of the creatures is eliminated swiftly.

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Once they’ve been killed, they’ll drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, as well as a few consumables.

Prowlers on Storm Point

Apex Legends Prowlers attack AshRespawn Entertainment
Prowlers can be found in nests around Storm Point.

It’s likely Season 11 won’t be your first encounter with Prowlers but be warned, the ones on Storm Point hunt in packs and can be found in dens scattered across the map.

Unlike the Spiders, Prowlers will become aggressive if your stray too close to their home, so make sure to stay vigilant while navigating your way across the island.

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It’s worth noting that Prowlers have a lot more health than Spiders, but they’re significantly easier to shoot, so be sure to focus them down one by one with your squad.

When it comes to loot, the Prowlers offer the same rewards as the Spiders, with the drops being based on what loadouts you and your teammates are using.

Flyers on Storm Point

Flyers Storm Point Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Keep your eyes to the skies as Flyers are always worth taking down for the loot boxes they carry.

The soaring inhabitants of Kings Canyon are also native to the Storm Point map and as always, players can expect Flyers to be carrying around death boxes containing loot of a random rarity.

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While the Flyers do not pose a direct threat like the Prowlers and Spiders, shooting at them may give away your position to enemy squads so make sure to weigh up the risks before spraying them down with your weapon.

Evo Sheild damage from Wildlife

Finally, clearing an entire nest will reward you and your squad with crafting materials, and a small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor, so it’s well worth taking on these animals if you’re up to the task.

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Wildlife map spotsRespawn Entertainment
You can see where to find (or avoid) wildlife on your map screen.

Wildlife Nests are marked on the map with a red icon which indicates the type of creature you can expect to find in the area. Once these nests are cleared, they’re gone for the rest of the game, so don’t let any go to waste.