Simple Apex Legends jump pad trick allows players to ride the giant Revelry balloons

Alec Mullins
Octane flexing on the other Apex Legends with is cool heirloom.

Octane is Apex Legends’ resident adrenaline junky and this simple jump pad trick will send him and his team right on top of the big Revelry character balloons in the sky.

Anyone who has played Octane will know his role in Apex Legends. He’s all about speed and momentum, and his signature stim shot and jump pad combo allows him to move like no one else in the game.

There have been a number of cool tricks with his jump pad but this one might be the most useful yet, as it can essentially render a squad safe from all of the action for a short time.

Apex Legends jump pad tricks lets players ride the big balloons

All this trick requires is a material canister to pull off. If Octane places his jump pad against one it causes anyone who hits the pad to super jump when launched into the sky.

While it can be used simply as a form of travel, it’s most effective in Season 16 when a squad is near one of the floating Legend balloons around the map. As long as the pad is placed well, everyone on the team will be able to climb up on top of the balloons without incurring an out-of-bounds penalty.

This is a big deal as it completely protects a squad from the fighting down below, and, unless they give themselves up, it’s unlikely that enemies will be looking over their heads to find people.

This can also be done with an Ash ultimate in certain areas, but, outside of landing on a balloon while redeploying, there aren’t many other ways for teams to counter this strategy.

This isn’t a guaranteed win though, so anyone going up there better prepare for the people watching them fall down when the Ring inevitably forces them to move.