Apex Legends player gets rude awakening after attempting to “outsmart” game

Philip Trahan
apex legends alter gold bag

An Alter player received some divine retribution from Apex Legends after they tried to sneakily grab some rare loot.

Alter, the new Legend introduced in Season 21, can pull off some pretty slick maneuvers thanks to her Void Passage tactical ability that lets her pass through walls and surfaces.

From ambushing unsuspecting teams with Crypto to making quick escapes in a firefight, Alter can pull of some pretty crafty feats.

Unfortunately, Alter’s abilities can’t replicate Loba’s expertise in stealing, as one unlucky Apex Legends player demonstrated through a Reddit post.

A user named ‘Vast_imagination1646’ posted a video with the caption, “Don’t try to outsmart the game. Note taken.”

The clip showed the Alter player in the Caustic Treatment POI on Kings Canyon. Upon seeing a Gold Bag locked in the contaminated vault, they cooked up a plan to steal it without unlocking the container first.

Using Alter’s tactical, they made a passage through the side of the glass and slipped through right to the Gold Bag locked inside. However, once inside they could not grab the bag.

To make matters worse, the game started to treat them as if they were out of bounds and started the 15-second countdown that would eventually lead to their death as they scrambled for a way to get out.

Fans in the comments thanked the player for at least testing out the idea. “Thanks to your sacrific for science,” said one fan, while another said, “Now the real experiment begins.”

Others simply found the video hilarious based on the reaction to the out-of-bounds timer. “You got desperate like you really were IN the game lol,” said one user.

This isn’t the first time that Alter’s Void Passage has broken things in the battle royale. Recently, developer Respawn Entertainment experienced trouble after Alter players tried to teleport into Loot Vaults and Explosive Holds, though those glitches have since been fixed.

Needless to say, players looking to steal valuable loot should stick to Loba instead of Alter, should they want to stay alive.