Apex Legends devs respond after yet another Wattson glitch breaks legend

Respawn Entertainment

Wattson mains look away ⁠— yet another Apex Legends glitch has been found in Season 11, which had broken how the Static Defender places her fences. Respawn are aware of the issue though, and are working through the “unintended interactions”.

Wattson mains rejoiced when their favorite Legend was finally receiving long-awaited buffs in Apex Legends Season 11. Extra range on her fences, a stronger ultimate ⁠— the changes were praised.

However, in practice, the changes have fallen short. A slew of glitches have rendered the Static Defender near “unplayable”, according to most mains. The most annoying of them all is a new glitch that has made it incredibly difficult to use her fences.

While the increased range given to her electric fence placement has been well-received, players have been struggling to make the most of it.

Sometimes fences will randomly drop short due to “snapping”, while others will indicate they can be hooked up, but then not connect once you drop them down. Even teammates walking across your line of sight will affect where your fences go down.

It makes laying down Wattson’s defenses a chore ⁠— especially when you’re in a rush to fence up an area as other players swarm around.

After a chorus of complaints, Respawn has responded, saying they’re aware of the new Wattson fence bug ⁠— although they did not confirm when a fix would be deployed.

“Thanks for the report. We are aware of some of the unintended interactions here,” developer ‘Exgeniar’ told players on November 4.

Wattson in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Wattson’s fences are bugged in Apex Legends Season 11, but Respawn are working on a fix.

It’s not the only problem Wattson players are experiencing early on in Apex Legends Season 11.

Wattson’s ultimate is reportedly still broken, with the Pylon not blocking all projectiles like Caustic grenades ⁠— a glitch that makes her unplayable at high levels given Caustic’s prevalence in the meta.

Respawn are yet to comment on that glitch, but a pass of Wattson changes are expected to clean up the Static Defender for the remainder of the season.