Apex Legends player’s glitchy portal and jump pad lead to saddest death ever

Shane Black
Apex Legends posing in the camera

An Apex Legends player’s buggy portal and jump pad has resulted in their incredibly sad – yet funny – death.

Apex Legends is not a stranger to bugs, with a recent bug causing players to become invincible on the Tridents match.

While one glitch can be annoying but surmountable, when a bunch of them hit at once, there’s just not much you can do.

One player is facing this reality as a combination of bugs has killed them in the worst way possible.

Apex player’s bad luck draws sympathy

The clip was posted to the game’s subreddit, where the user titled the post somberly: “It hurts my heart sometimes playing this game.”

It’s a pretty downer of a title, but when watching the clip, it is accurate.

The clip shows the player, as Octane, running into the safe zone, where they accidentally run into a Wraith portal that takes them back outside of the circle.

They then try to go back into the portal to get back to safety. But, instead of going back through, while their screen takes on the look as if they were teleporting, their character doesn’t move and keeps taking damage.

This is where the next bug happens, as they try to run back to safety, they throw out Octane’s jump pad, but this also glitches out and disappears, leaving them stranded.

They take a moment to pause as they realize their inevitable death. The clip then ends as they do so.

Many of the responses have been humorous, pointing out how perfectly the glitches occurred together to ruin the game.

One player posted: “So much that could’ve went wrong did go wrong.”

Others pointed out how broken it is, with one user commenting, “now this is peak broken.”

The original poster, and everyone responding, is very tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing, showing that it hasn’t ruined their passion for Apex Legends.

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