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Not receiving Apex Legends Twitch Prime Wattson skin? Respawn respond to bug

Published: 10/Jul/2019 11:44 Updated: 10/Jul/2019 12:11

by Matt Porter


Respawn Entertainment have responded to a bug that is causing Apex Legends players with Twitch Prime to not receive their special Wattson skin which is included for free as part of this month’s loot.

Twitch Prime loot is becoming a popular reward in many games, with developers teaming up with the streaming platform to reward Amazon Prime members with special cosmetic items or in-game bonuses.


Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that there will be four loot drops during Apex Legends Season 2, but players are reporting an issue with the first pack, which includes a special skin for Wattson.

Apex Legends players not receiving Wattson skin

Apex Legends players have reported that although they appear to have redeemed the Twitch Prime loot on the site, the skin isn’t being added to their game account, and have been unable to find or select it.


A Reddit thread on /r/ApexLegends posted by /u/TakemySteak_MedWell features other players complaining about how they have yet to recieve their cosmetic, despite going through the steps required to unlock it.

Respawn EntertainmentPlayers have failed to receieve their Wattson Twitch Prime skin.

Respawn Entertainment respond to bug

In response to the issues, Respawn have confirmed that they are working with Twitch to try and fix the problem, although they didn’t reveal what was causing it, and asked players to include the platform and username they linked to as they try to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Community Manager Jay Frechette also offered a couple of things that players should check if they have yet to receive their Wattson skin, including:

  • Making sure to check in the right spot when trying to equip them as it is not a Legendary variant.
  • Take note of the platform that you are linking the accounts to if you play on multiple accounts.
  • Make sure you received an in-game message confirming that you got the reward.

Respawn Entertainment haven’t provided a timeline as to when they will be able to fix this issue, but if the developers are currently looking into it, it shouldn’t be long before you get your Wattson skin added to your account.

Apex Legends

Who is Horizon in Apex Legends? New Season 7 character abilities & lore

Published: 15/Oct/2020 17:17

by Calum Patterson


With the latest teasers all-but-confirming Horizon as the new Legend joining the Apex Games (unless Respawn pull another Forge trick), it’s time to take a look at what she might bring to gameplay in Apex Legends, with her potential abilities and some background on her.

Unlike previous seasons, Respawn have largely managed to get ahead of the curve, and beat the leakers to revealing a new Legend. Although there were some data mined clues, generally most people found out about the new character through the in-game teaser.


On October 13, players were sent to the Firing Range, where Horizon greeted them and set a series of challenges. Once the challenges were complete, we finally got our first look at Horizon in-game, revealing her name and that she’ll be joining us in the Games.

There’s still no official confirmation on what her abilities will be, although data miners do have a pretty good idea based on game files found in Apex Legends.

Horizon in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Our first look at Horizon in-game in Apex Legends.

What are Horizon’s abilities?

It must be noted that these are still unconfirmed, and so everything about these abilities could change, including the names.

Thanks to data miner Shrugtal, here are the tentative abilities expected to be available with Horizon:

  • Passive: Soft Landing – Avoid fall stuns and gain some kind of buff when landing
  • Tactical: Repulsor/Gravity Lift – Displaces/Elevates players near point of contact (i.e. the Gravity Lift)
  • Ultimate: Black Hole – Sucks in and damages enemies

We’ve already seen the Gravity Lift in action of course – this was part of Horizon’s “Wee Experiment” challenges – so it makes sense for this to be an ability.


These abilities are verified by the banner trackers for Horizon, which will track hard landings avoided, teammates gravity lifted, and black hole damage done.

Horizon Lore

Beyond just her abilities though, who actually is Horizon? She doesn’t have a history from the Titanfall games (that we know of yet), so is still a bit of a mystery. Here’s what we do know: She’s Scottish, has red hair, and has a drone called Newt.

We see this drone in the teaser video, and it may be a similar prop in gameplay like Lifeline’s D.O.C, Crypto’s drone, or Wattson’s Pylon.

Horizon's drone in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon’s drone is called ‘Newt’ (or ‘Newtie’, as she calls it).

Data miner Biast12 also uncovered various animations for Horizon’s drone, which we should see in-game starting Season 7.

One, in particular, is labeled a ‘black hole finisher’ – so you can imagine what this might be for.


As for Horizon’s backstory, and why she’s joining the games, that is yet to be revealed. Expect trailers filled with lore to release in the build-up to Season 7.

Speaking of the new season, that’s scheduled to start on November 10, so there really isn’t long to wait to try out the new character. You can also pick up the Champion Edition when the new season starts, to unlock the new Legend and all the other post-launch characters too.