Apex Legends players worried teamers are ruining Solo mode

Declan Mclaughlin
Apex Legends Sad

Respawn added the much-requested Solo mode for a limited time at the start of Apex Legends Season 21, and some players are already ruining the fun.

Solo mode in Apex Legends has been a hit to kick off the new season as players can hop in for a new refreshing experience after queueing the default mode, or test their skills in one-on-one combat. We at Dexerto have even advocated for it to become a permanent game mode.

The Apex community has been calling for a Solo version of the battle royale for a while, as most games in the genre have a mode where players drop in without a team.

However, some players are trying to abuse the mode and earn easy wins by teaming up with opponents. Multiple players have reported reaching later parts of the game and dealing with one or two teams of players in the Solo mode.

“Was in a game yesterday and scanned a survey beacon, almost everyone in the area was paired up and no gunshots going off. This is wild,” one Reddit post about teaming in Solo mode said.

On X/ Twitter, some players also reported dealing with players teaming up in Solo mode lobbies.

an image of Alter in Apex Legends Season 21 patch notes

“Respawn needs to create an anti-teaming system and then make it permanent,” FURIA content creator pOkiz said about the mode.

The last time Apex Legends had a Solo mode was in 2019 with the Iron Crown Collection Event. In 2023, Respawn said it didn’t have plans to re-introduce the mode, despite calls to bring it back, stressing that Apex was a team game.

The mode is only back for a limited time, about half of Season 21, with Duos coming to replace it. But based on reports from those competing in the mode, Respawn may have been right with its assessment that Apex is a team game as players want to team up even in Solo matches.

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