Apex Legends player relieved Alter isn’t OP on release

Declan Mclaughlin
an image of Alter's ultimate in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have given their early opinions on the game’s newest character, Alter, saying she doesn’t seem overpowered on release.

The newest Legend to join the Apex cast, Alter, has been in the game for about a day with Season 21 and players have deemed her quite powerful, but balanced. The Skirmisher Legend has some interesting abilities that can help her and her allies reposition quickly and either start or escape fights thanks to her Ultimate and Tacitical.

Both Void Passage and Void Nexus are powerful parts of Alter’s kit that could be considered overpowered if done wrong on the developer’s end.

However, Apex Legends players are saying the Legend does not feel over-tuned.

“I’ve heard a lot of people saying she’s broken, but I think Respawn has done a good job balancing her. Her tactical is loud, bright, and obvious, and takes a second to actually be able to shoot after using it, and her ultimate, if used right, can be huge, but it also takes time to activate so if used wrong you can die pretty easily,” one player said in a Reddit thread asking for opinions on the Legend.

“I was worried she’d be overpowered but no issues killing her so far,” another commenter said.

TSM Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen gave his early impressions of Season 21 on social media and said he doesn’t see the new Legend taking over the competitive side of the game.

“Alter seems like a pub character to me but not a comp character IMO,” the pro said.

While players seem to agree on her current power level just a few hours into her release, some pointed out that as people become familiar with her kit, she could become a must-pick Legend in the future.

“Right now I think she’s in the same phase as Valk was on release. People are saying she’s good but not meta, well-balanced, or whatever. But I feel very strongly that in 3 – 6 months people will begin to see Alter as a meta, must-pick character much like Valk was 3-6 months after release,” one Reddit user said.

Only time will tell if Alter has the potential to skyrocket up the Legends-played statistics as players become more comfortable with her kit. So far, players seem happy to have a balanced character on release and not have to deal with a new OP Legend.