Respawn – please make Solo mode permanent in Apex Legends

Sourav Banik
an image of Solo gameplay in Apex Legends Season 21

Solos are only back for a limited time in Apex Legends, but the game mode is so good that Respawn needs to make it permanent.

The last time Apex Legends players tasted Solo mode was in August 2019, as a part of the Iron Crown Collection Event. Since then, a ton of new content has come to the game, but the Solo mode was always absent.

In 2023, Respawn Entertainment completely ruled out the possibility of a solo mode coming back to the game. However, things have taken a surprising turn as Solo Takeover is back with Apex Legends Season 21, replacing Duos for the first half of the season.

Since the update dropped, I managed to play various solo games and the experience makes even the most underwhelming map worth playing. It was one of the best experiences ever.

First of all, weapons come in different rarities that are pre-equipped with the necessary attachments. This saves a lot of time as players don’t have to hopelessly look for the right attachments and they can jump straight into the action.

an image of supply bin loot in apex legends season 21

This feature gels well with the Solo mode as the focus can be put onto fighting or engaging in duels more, rather than wasting time on looting. Ground loot is still present, however, but they’re mostly in the form of ammo, extra Shield Batteries, or Syringes.

Secondly, it’s all about you. There’s no need to depend on other teammates, which helps you gain a better sense of the battle and your surroundings while still keeping you alert, thanks to Battle Sense. Battle Sense acts as a HUD indicator on the screen that shows up when an enemy is within a 50-meter range and mentally keeps you prepared for a gunfight nearby.

The respawn times are minimal, as most of the animations are absent. You only need to wait eight seconds to get back to the arena. Surviving the first four rounds automatically grants extra EVO, and this is beneficial in surviving longer as you’ll potentially have more shield points than the opponent you’re fighting against.

Lastly, you can request it from the same screen after getting eliminated, meaning you don’t need to come back to the lobby and search for a match again, saving pointless clicking and waiting in the menus.

The presence of Solos adds much-required variety to game modes, breaking the monotonicity, at least for the first half of Season 21. The variety, speed, and unique style of play just go to prove how necessary Solo mode is for Apex Legends, and the importance of it becoming permanent.