Apex Legends bug with the new Legend Alter is crashing servers in Season 21

Sourav Banik
an image of explosive hold in apex legends

A new bug has been found in Apex Legends, where a certain play with the new Legend Alter is causing servers to crash, especially on Kings Canyon.

Season 21 added a new Legend, Alter, to the roster, but also brought back the fan-favorite map Kings Canyon for the first split of the season. While some players are fighting their hearts out in Skull Town, others have reported they’re facing a bug of servers crashing while playing as Alter.

The bug happens when an Alter tries to enter a vault through a wall using their Void Passage ability while another player tries to open it using any grenade simultaneously. As a result, the players are disconnected from the match instantly, and an error message reading “Server shutting down – Internal server error” pops up.

Players who have fallen victim to this bug have started reporting it on Reddit with video evidence, recommending others avoid using Alter’s tactical to get into grenade vaults.

Some players were initially “impressed” as they thought “the devs had considered what would happen if Alter portaled into a vault” – but their expectations backfired.

Kings Canyon fans are understandably sad that using the new Legend on their favorite map is such a risk. One even said, “Kings is gone again.”

Players also highlighted the number of bugs caused by vaults in previous seasons, arguing it’s getting “silly” now.

This is not the first time Explosive Holds in Kings Canyon have been responsible for game-breaking bugs. In Season 10, the vaults were disabled as they similarly started to crash entire game servers.