Apex Legends pro reveals combined power of Alter and Crypto

Philip Trahan
apex legends crypto alter

Pro Apex Legends player Teq shared a now-viral clip on social media showcasing exactly why Alter and Crypto make such a powerful combination in Season 21.

Teq posted a minute-long clip on X that said “MEAT META is here”, where the trio’s team can be seen using Alter’s Void Passage tactical ability to ambush squads and take them completely by surprise.

Ahead of these ambushes, Crypto uses his Drone EMP Ultimate to slow down the enemy squad and deal massive damage to their shields.

Naturally, this wasn’t just a strategy that worked once, as Teq’s post featured over five different skirmishes that resulted in the opposite team’s squad getting wiped. While Crypto may have been downed in the ensuing fight, the tactic always led to victory.

Fans in the comments section acknowledged just how powerful the combo looked.

“Yeah we’ll need Wattsons Ult to shoot Crypto drones now lol this entry is unbeatable fr,” said one X user, while another added, “Breach and clear is broken with this combo man.”

As the new Legend introduced in Season 21, Alter hasn’t made a massive splash in the Apex Legends meta just yet. In fact, many members of the game’s community praised that Alter wasn’t OP on release.

TSM pro player, ImperialHal, noted that, while he doesn’t see Alter making waves in the competitive Apex Legends scene, the character seems fun for public lobbies.

Of course, it’s still early in Season 21 so it will take some time to see how Alter really shakes out among the ever-growing roster.

With Apex Legends’ focus on team composition, it’s important to find characters that Alter synergizes with. If Teq’s post on X is anything to go by, Crypto may be the partner the Void Breacher needs to bring her into the spotlight in Season 21.

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