NICKMERCS defends EA after Apex Legends community criticisms

nickmercs apex legends headerRespawn Entertainment / Scuf Gaming: Nickmercs

Streamer and Apex Legends content creator NICKMERCS has defended EA and Respawn’s development efforts following community criticism.

Apex Legends Season 15 is finally here and players can finally experience everything the new season has to offer.

However, some members of the community have complained about some of EA’s decisions surrounding the battle royale, like the inclusion of cosmetic stickers and the lack of involvement in banning cheaters.

Now, Apex Legends streamer NICKMERCS has come to EA’s defense, claiming that the company is “trying” to steer the battle royale in the right direction.

NICKMERCS defends Apex Legends publisher EA

In his recent YouTube video titled “Finally Being Honest About Gaming” NICKMERCS took the time to address what he thinks about the Apex communities complaints about the current state of the game.

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NICKMERCS said he “understands” why pro players and fans are upset when their long-held complaints aren’t met at the start of each new season.

However, he defended EA and Respawn by reminding viewers the company has continuously provided new content. “On the other hand, [players] are getting new maps and they’re getting all this new stuff — a lot of these things they haven’t asked for but they’re still getting new sh*t.”

He then went on to say that the community can clearly see that “EA is trying,” and brought up the example of EA’s efforts in the competitive Apex Legends scene.

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The Apex streamer also reminded fans that it’s also a “give-and-take” and that the majority of the criticism levied at EA comes down to “Ah, [Apex] is dogsh*t,” which he deems is not real criticism.

Additionally, he defended Respawn’s creative work as of late and said a lot of them are “working hard,” as evidenced by the recent Broken Moon map, new cosmetics, and character lore.

At the same time, NICKMERCS acknowledged that some of the community’s complaints have been valid and that EA has failed to address them for some time, citing Respawn’s lack of manpower when it comes to banning cheaters.

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“How do they not have a team on payroll around the clock just working to try and combat [cheating?] There should be a whole wing of the company for anti-cheat. It’s just they don’t care enough.”

NICKMERCS ended the discussion by reaffirming that while there are some valid complaints he believes quality updates like Season 15’s content matter at the end of the day.