Major Apex Legends glitch gives Valkyrie’s teammates permanent scans of enemies

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Valkyrie

An Apex Legends player has discovered a major Valkyrie bug involving her skydive passive that gives her teammates permanent scans of enemy squads for the entire match.

Since her release at the beginning of Season 9, Valkyrie has become an extremely popular Legend among Apex players. Her ability to soar through the sky and disrupt the battlefield from above provides a unique gameplay experience.

However, despite her incredibly fun set of abilities, not every aspect of the Winged Avenger’s kit was working as intended after her release.

With an ultimate bug that was dragging squads under the map and a firing range exploit allowing players to farm kills, Valkyrie definitely needed Respawn to make some tweaks following her release.

Unfortunately, another major glitch has been discovered by players and it involves her skydive passive that reveals enemies on the map. If a Valkyrie disconnects mid-skydive, it appears the rest of her team receives permanent scans of enemy locations for the entire match.

Valkyrie major scan bug
Valkyrie is the latest Legend to join Apex’s roster of characters.

Valkyrie bug gives players permanent scans of enemies

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit has showcased a major bug that occurs when a Valkyrie player disconnects mid-skydive.

The Winged Avenger’s passive allows her to detect enemies within 250m while skydiving down onto the map.

However, as wrproductions discovered, if the Valkyrie disconnects mid-air, this ability provides a permanent scan of enemy locations for the entire game.

As you can see in wrproductions’ video, every few seconds the squad receives a visual indicator of all enemies in their vicinity.

While this bug is extremely rare, players could exploit it so Respawn will need to take action as soon as possible.

Although this glitch forces you to play with one less player, having the ability to see the exact location of every single nearby enemy certainly makes up for the loss.

Let’s hope Respawn gets this issue fixed in an upcoming patch and prevents Valkyrie from acting like a UAV for her teammates.

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