Respawn disables Valkyrie in Firing Range over Apex Legends kills exploit

Alan Bernal
apex legends valkyrieRespawn Entertainment

Respawn have disabled Valkyrie in the Apex Legends training mode, the Firing Range, in response to a stat-padding exploit that lets players tack on extra kills to their K/D ratios and Legend trackers.

Valkyrie is the newest character to enter the Apex Legends roster after the Season 9: Legacy update. The Winged Avenger has been really popular with players, but now it seems the devs need to implement a fix for her.

Only a week after the Season 9 patch dropped, the studio has been alerted to an exploit that lets people cook the numbers on their stats due to a bug.

“Shut down the Firing Range and fix the bug where literally everyone is farming Valk kills in it,” Twitter user CloverWzy said. “My kill grind has been for nothing because everyone is abusing this shit, please.”

The word quickly spread with multiple people running into the same problem. Apparently the bug also worked the other way around and ruined people’s K/D ratio by tacking on the extra deaths that would happen during practice.

Of course, there are in-game implications too since people can use the exploit to stat-pad their numbers displayed on the many stat trackers.

Respawn are going to get to the bottom of the issue, but until then they’ve temporarily disabled Valkyrie in the Firing Range to put a stop to the problem.

“Quick Apex Legends update: We’ve temporarily disabled Valkyrie within the Firing Range due to a stats-related exploit.” Respawn said.

Since the main issue revolves around stats, the devs aren’t going to disable her in the battle royale mode or Arenas playlist while they look for a fix.

The community hasn’t been happy with the exploit running rampant, and are hoping Respawn can find a fix to the issue soon.