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Simple Fuse passive idea would make a huge difference in Apex Legends

Published: 1/Jun/2021 11:34

by Lauren Bergin


Apex Legends’ resident Australian, Fuse, has fallen under the radar since his Season 8 debut, but this interesting buff to his passive could be just what the Legend needs.

Ever since his explosive release in Apex Legends Season 8, Australian bombardier Fuse has largely found himself in the middle of the pack.

In season 8, the developers revealed that Fuse had the second-lowest win rate and were planning a buff for Season 9.

That buff came in the form of an extra charge on his tactical, and a reduced cooldown too – but it’s not been enough to move him up the rankings.

Fuse season 8
Respawn Entertainment
Aussie grenadier Fuse hasn’t really made quite the impact that we expected.

A better passive for Fuse?

Posting their concept to the Apex subreddit, one fan has designed a new element to Fuse’s existing ‘Grenadier’ Passive.


His current in-game ability allows him to stack an extra grenade per inventory slot, allowing him to have two times the amount of ordinance. He can also launch grenades faster, more accurately and much farther than other Legends.

This concept has added a new ability entitled ‘Masochist,’ which allows Fuse to absorb less damage from grenades. Writing that “damage [is] reduced by 30% for self-inflicted grenade damage,” including Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate and Arc Star stuns.

This would allow “Fuse to be more aggressive with his grenades, while not being without total risk.” Fuse is all about dealing large chunks of damage, so this would be the perfect way to chunk down enemies and get out with only a couple of scratches.


Fuse passive idea

Considering his character lore and his love for all things that go boom in the night, this makes a lot of sense. After all “Fuse is an expert in explosives and mayhem, so why wouldn’t his tolerance to it be greater?”

It’ll be interesting to see if Respawn introduce a similar style of buff for the Aussie in the future, but until then we’ll just have to try and navigate the Outlands with his current Passive.