Leaked Apex Legends Shadow Royale LTM adds wallrunning and double-jump

James Busby
Apex Halloween LTM

A new leak has uncovered all the new mechanics that will be coming to Apex Legends’ Shadow Royale limited-time mode, expected later in Season 6.

This year’s Halloween-themed event will see Apex Legends players take part in a new LTM called Shadow Royale. This event appears to be a variant of Season 3’s Shadowfall mode, which made an appearance in the previous Fight or Fright Collection.

In this mode, Legends transform into spectral shadows when they die, leaving the survivors to fight their way through the shadowy hordes in order to reach the evac ship. 

The infection-style game mode is now set to return to Apex Legends in Season 6, transforming the sunny shores of Kings Canyon into a nightmarish hellscape. However, this year’s mode has a few new features to spice up the action.

Shadow Royale new features

Shadows will now have more mobility options than ever before.

Unlike last year’s Halloween LTM, Shadows will now be able to perform some new actions that aim to make these zombie-like creatures more lethal. Apex Legends data miner, @Biast12 has uncovered the following descriptions found in the game’s files:

  • Shadows can Wallrun, double jump, climb higher, and smash through doors
  • Shadows have a brutal long-range melee
  • Shadows have infinite climb (returning feature from Shadowfall)
  • Shadows can smash through doors
  • Shadows regenerate health automatically
  • Shadows regain health on finishers
  • Shadows die when the last living squadmate is killed
  • Shadows can revive downed squadmates

If these leaks are to be believed, then it looks like Respawn has listened to the previous complaints surrounding last year’s Shadowfall Mode. The new variant LTM has also put more emphasis on teamwork as both Shadows and non-shadow Legends will now be able to work together in squads as opposed to having to play the mode solo. You can check out all the game mode specific descriptions below.

The added mobility will certainly make these spectral creatures a lot more dangerous, especially when you’re trying to make your way over to the evac ship. This year’s Halloween LTM variant already seems much harder than Shadowfall, so you’ll need to work together with your squad if you wish to survive the nightmarish horrors that await you.

New earnable cosmetics and badges

Apex Legends Halloween cosmetics
It looks like there will be plenty of new earnable cosmetics available in the new LTM.

We’ve already covered all the leaked Apex Legends Halloween skins here, but there are said to be a number of cosmetics players can earn while playing the new Shadow Royale mode. Reliable Apex Legends leaker, Shrugtal found the following description from Revenant in the game’s files.

“Welcome back, skinbags. I’ve made some changes to my games, and they’re gonna be so much fun. Heh. Step into my Shadow Royale: when you drop dead here, you come back as a shadow as long as you have a living teammate. Wanna win? Make sure there’s no one left alive.”

He then goes on to say “Complete my challenges to get new skins, charms and trackers, and maybe snatch some favorites from last year. Now drop in and wipe ’em out – or don’t. It’s your funeral.”

Pet prowlers

Apex pet names
These are all the pet names found in the recent data mine.

Aside from the generic “PET_NAME” placeholder, we have a number of names that range from incredibly cutesy to damn right ridiculous. Quite what function these pet prowlers will have is unknown, but we imagine they will aid the Shadows in hunting their victims. The description also states “Shadow pet granted to fill out your roster,” so this does indicate that pets may well replace Shadows as and when any of your squadmates die. 

These pets are also immune to friendly fire, but they will likely take damage from non-shadow Legends.

Of course, all these features could change before the Halloween LTM is released, so take these leaks with a pinch of salt. For now, though, it looks like players will have to simply wait until the event goes live later this month. 

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