Apex Legends is finally adding 4-man squads with Quads game mode

Shane Black
Apex Legends Quads mode

Apex Legends is getting a ton of cosmetics and balance updates with the Double Take collection event, but also a new Quads mode that’ll shake things up with 4-man teams.

While the game’s basic mode has always centered around three people on a team, the devs have experimented with changing this number during limited-time modes.

Respawn provided a trailer with the Double Take Collection Event announcement, offering fans a glimpse at some of the 24 cosmetics launching alongside the event, as well as a peek at the new Quads mode.

Quads will pit 15 squads of four people against each other, with a tweaked loot pool to compensate for more players per squad.

These loot pool changes are to ensure there will be enough ammo, attachments, and more available for everyone on a team. Not to mention a bit of a higher chance to find high-rarity weapons.

There will be a higher chance of finding ammo, health, shields, scopes, & deployables in loot boxes, as well as fully-kitted blue and purple weapons scattered through the field.

There will also be 15 replicators instead of the normal 12, giving teams more opportunities to get their hands on some valuable resources or two respawn teammates via crafted banners.

In addition, developers have also adjusted abilities like Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive to account for an extra teammate, making sure that those with team-based abilities aren’t nerfed by the extra squad member.

Rounding it all out is the announcement of Ranked Rumble, a refresh that’ll completely replace Ranked Play starting on August 3. It features a full list of changes that make ranked placement a bit closer to ALGS rules and that lower entry costs for some of the higher ranks.

The Solos playlist didn’t go over too well as a limited-time mode, but Quads has the chance to make its mark as a new way to experience Apex Legends.