First look at new legend Horizon revealed in Apex Legends leaks

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends icon for Horizon against a screenshot of the countdown location on World's Edge

A major Apex Legends leak from the Aftermarket event has revealed the first look at Horizon, who could appear as soon as the end of Season 6.

With each new Apex Legends season, Respawn adds a new legend to their roster of character – giving players a chance to experience someone new.

The majority of these legends have been leaked at some point, with some leaks stretching all the way back to the first two seasons of the game. 

As Season 7 is on the horizon, it has been believed that Valk would be the next character, but that might not be the case, as a whole tonne of assets for Horizon – another leaked legend – have surfaced.

Wraith and Loba shooting in Apex Legends.
The Apex roster of legends expands with each new season.

Shortly after the Aftermarket Collection Event update went live on October 6, data miners were quickly able to get their hands on new info – with the biggest of which being about Horizon. 

Biast revealed three different videos with codenames relating to Horizon and challenges, each of which being progressively more teasing than the other. Though, in the final video, we finally get to see the new female character. 

The character speaks to the camera with a pen in her hands, and though there is no audio, it seems as if she is giving players instructions or hints about her set of challenges that could drop before the end of Season 6.

On top of the videos, leakers were also to find a badge of the new legend that players will, presumably, be able to use once the challenges are complete.

It’s nothing too fancy as there are no animations, crazy symbols, or glowing colors. The badge is simply Horizon’s legend icon on a cyan background with a small star underneath. 

While all signs might now point to Horizon being the new legend coming in Season 7, instead of Valk, no leaker has stated that yet, nor have her potential abilities surfaced. 

It could also be a Forge-like situation, where Respawn are using the character as bait before revealing someone else. But, that seems unlikely given she has more about her than Forge. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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