ImperialHal executes insane double-squad wipe in Apex Legends still on controller

ImperialHal Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen pulled off an impressive back-to-back squad wipe without missing a single bullet on controller.

When it comes to mind-blowing outplays and highlight-reel moments, very few Apex Legends players can outmatch ImperialHal.

The TSM pro has garnered a reputation for his laser beam aim and smart decision-making in the Outlands, which has led to a backlog of viral clips.

Since making the shift from MnK to controller, Hal has frequently demonstrated how accurate his shots and tracking have become.

Well, another one of Hal’s plays has gone viral on Twitter after he managed to wipe out countless opponents with pinpoint shots, securing the victory for his squad.

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Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
ImperialHal is a pro Apex Legends player for TSM.

ImperialHal outplays enemies with laser beam aim on controller

A Twitter clip of ImperialHal outplaying his opponents on controller has gone viral, showcasing how accurate the CEO’s shots are during intense skirmishes.

Equipped with an R-301 and CAR SMG, Hal immediately dropped down to the building where a team was hiding and used an angle from the window to beam an opponent to the ground. After taking a second to use a Shield Battery, Hal rejoined the fight with his teammates, finishing off the last two tagged foes with ease.

With both of his allies down, Hal considered going for a res but quickly realized the last squad was closing in on his position. Popping Horizon’s Tactical, the TSM pro took to the air and landed huge amounts of damage on a foe but it wasn’t enough to finish them off.

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Finding a shield swap, Hal then used his allies’ knockdown shields for cover, hip-firing two enemies with the CAR, and easily beaming the final opponent for the win.

While Hal attributes a lot of his accuracy to aim assist, there’s no denying this was an impressive play from the TSM pro.

No doubt his mastery of the controller with lead to countless more highlight reel moments in the future, especially when he’s competing in the ALGS.