How to easily find Flyers in Apex Legends

Meg Bethany Koepp

One super helpful Apex Legends fan has provided a guide for the best Flyer spawn locations in the King’s Canyon map.

Respawn Entertainment have been teasing Flyers like crazy lately, with the first hint dropping during the Season 2 trailer at their EA Play 2019 event at E3. 

Players then began to see the dragons in-game for the first time, with them spawning right in front of people’s eyes – much to their disbelief. If you’ve been wondering a sure-fire way to encounter them, one eagle-eyed fan has compiled a spawn location list.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesFlyers have begun to spawn in-game.

Where do Flyers spawn?

Reddit user ‘FrozenFoh‘ is well known on the official Apex Legends subreddit for his guides and insight into possible leaks, and his latest upload details all the spawn locations for the fiery creatures.

Skull Town seems to be a hot spot for the Flyers, with seven possible spawn locations occurring near it. The nearby Thunderdome has no known appearances, possibly because it’s one of the best loot spots and is almost always overpopulated which scares them away.

King’s Canyon’s east side is very barren in terms of spawns, with the Swamp having no Flyers at all. Fans theorize that this is because of the tall trees, or ‘Nessy’ the Loch Ness Monster. Players have clocked appearances around the north-west side of the map, mainly at Air Base, Runoff, and Slum Lakes. Though, The Pits are seemingly a Flyer no-show.

The south side seems to be the best bet for encountering a dragon, with the Water Treatment area alone having three known spawn locations.

Reddit: FrozenFohAll known Flyer spawn locations.

We could see bigger dragons

There’s no concrete reason as to why the Flyers have suddenly invaded King’s Canyon, but a recent post by infamous Apex data miner ‘That1MiningGuy’ showed that there’s a possibility of much larger dragons coming at some point in the near future.

The data miner referred to the current Flyers as ‘scouts’, and said that players can possibly expect to see bigger dragons soon. He also brought up the possibility of swarms – another obvious link to Titanfall, where they ripped ships out of the sky.

Flying dragons are already a daunting threat, so the idea of bigger ones and even hordes of them coming is a frightening one. Players should start to prepare for an all-out war just in case.

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