Another Apex Legends jump bug lets players soar across the map

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends players have uncovered a brand new spin on the supply bin glitch – now using respawn beacons to quickly fly across the map.

Respawn Entertainment are gearing up for the second round of seasonal content in Apex Legends, yet, players are still uncovering problems with the first season from the popular battle royale. 

As the next step up from Wild Frontier launches on July 2, players will likely be expecting bugs and glitch fixes as well as receiving plenty of new content. Yet, a newly uncovered bug that allows players to go flying across the map might need to be fixed in the meantime. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe respawn beacons play a major role in the new glitch.

YouTuber GameTuts revealed the new glitch in their video from June 20. The YouTuber explained that they had been joking around in training mode trying to find any new bugs when they come across a problem with the respawn beacons. However, it’s not just limited to training either, as he showed it working in a normal game.

In the same vein as the supply bin glitch from earlier in season one, the respawn beacons will send you flying across the map in any direction – provided you give them a melee or two beforehand. Depending on which beacon you are at depends on which direction you will go, but go too far and you can end up flying off the map and eliminating yourself.

Now, considering the respawn beacons aren’t meant to work like this, it’s pretty easy to determine that this is a major new bug that players could exploit in-game.

Despite being posted around social media, Respawn’s team have yet to respond to the new glitch so it’s unknown if it’s been brought to their attention yet. With Apex Legends season two launching on July 2, all hands will probably be towards making that successful rather than making tweaks to the current state of the game.

Yet, it remains to be seen if this beacon jump glitch becomes enough of a problem that the developers have to figure out a way to fix it before they release their brand new seasonal update.