Apex Legends player discovers most common guaranteed weapons in Supply Bins

Declan Mclaughlin
Apex Legends Loba Mozambique

Respawn added guaranteed weapon spawns in Supply Bins in the Apex Legends Season 21 update, and one player has discovered what guns most commonly spawn with the new mechanic.

So long are the days when Apex Legends players would run around the map screaming in anger as they failed to find a weapon after opening multiple Supply Bins.

Thanks to the Upheaval update, players who do not have a weapon will be guaranteed a gun spawn when opening their first Supply Bin after dropping into a match.

What wasn’t revealed in the patch notes, however, was which weapons would spawn in these “guaranteed weapon” scenarios.

an image of supply bin loot in apex legends season 21

One Apex Legends player did an experiment in-game and broke down the spawn rates of each weapon they found on the game’s Reddit page. They spawned in 100 games and logged each gun they encountered for their guaranteed weapon spawn.

The results are as follows:

  • P2020: 10
  • Mozambique: 9
  • Alternator: 8
  • C.A.R: 8
  • RE-45: 6
  • Havok: 5
  • G7-Scout: 5
  • Wingman: 5
  • Rampage: 5
  • 30-30: 4
  • Prowler: 4
  • Spitfire: 4
  • Nemesis: 4
  • Flatline: 3
  • Sentinel: 3
  • R-99: 3
  • R-301: 3
  • Peacekeeper: 2
  • L-Star: 2
  • Hemlok: 2
  • Volt: 2
  • Longbow: 1
  • Mastiff: 1
  • Charge-Rifle: 1
  • Triple Take: 0

The player also stipulated that they counted multiple weapons in one bin as one spawn for each and that these numbers were compiled playing in solo and trio queues.

The numbers make sense as the weapons the player most often obtained – the P2020, Mozambique, and C.A.R – are fine early-game weapons but not powerful by any means.

However, the experiment, shows that players can get powerful guns, like the Havoc, Hemlok, or Peacekeeper, thanks to this new change. Still, you shouldn’t expect to be gifted a powerful weapon thanks to the mechanic.

Reddit users applauded the poster for their effort with the experiment, and many said they could confirm the high spawn rates of the P2020, Mozambique, and Alternator from their own games.

“Nice! It seemed like Mozams were more common but I thought it was just me,” one user said.

While spawn rates are one thing, players still need to know how to take advantage of the weapons they are given during each drop into an Apex Legends match.

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