Dr Disrespect loses it with rage playing Apex Legends ranked: “Terrible game!”

Andrew Highton
dr disrespect screaming

It’s no secret that Dr Disrespect has been known to rage when playing games and during a match of Apex Legends the Doc blew a gasket and declared that the game “sucks.”

Apex Legends Season 14 has brought its usual thrills and spills with some interesting map rotations and the game’s pick rate meta being thrown for a loop thanks to the introduction of Vantage.

Now, Dr Disrespect currently has a lot on his plate what with the ongoing development of his new game, DEADROP, as well as insane opportunities with the San Francisco 49ers.

This doesn’t deter him from his regular streams though, and in a recent one, Doc made his feelings about Apex Legends known.

Apex Legends ranked play gets the better of Dr Disrespect

The two-time, back-to-back 1993-94 Blockbuster video game champion was in a heated gunfight during a game of Apex Legends Ranked.

He was then third-partied by another player from behind, put into a downed state, and was killed almost instantly without ever having a chance to react.

What was even quicker was Dr Disrepsect’s reaction to the death as he immediately ragequitted the game, and maintained his composure for all of two seconds, before unleashing several acts of aggression against his gaming equipment.

The streamer then made his feelings on Apex Legends perfectly clear: “F**king game, f**king game sucks. F**king sucks. It’s terrible!”

Anyone who’s read a Dr Disrespect story before or had the pleasure of watching one his streams will know that he’s susceptible to the occasional meltdown.

In the last few weeks alone he’s insulted Call of Duty: Warzone multiple times, so much so that he actually threatened to quit Warzone for good until Warzone 2 came out.

Naturally, he was on Warzone the very next day as he’s always to please his community, and we await Doc’s next incredible frustration with an online multiplayer game.