Dr Disrespect reveals why Apex Legends is “the most difficult FPS”

Dr Disrespect is an established FPS streamer and creator and that experience leads him to believe Apex Legends is the most difficult FPS on the market.YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has been taking on the Apex Legends Ranked ladder, and after a February 24 escapade with ZLaner, the Two-Time has labeled the game “the most difficult FPS” on the market.

Dr Disrespect is a true FPS aficionado. Not only has he reached impressive heights in a number of different franchises as a player, but he formerly worked with Sledgehammer Games as a map designer in the Advanced Warfare era of the Call of Duty franchise, and is currently developing his own game Deadrop.

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That level of experience is as good as gold when it comes to weighing in on the state of gaming, and after one of many Apex Legends streams since the game’s release, Doc has seen enough to call the battle royale title the most difficult in all of gaming.

Dr Disrespect explains what makes Apex Legends so difficult

Dr Disrespect was four hours into a Ranked session when he decided to call it quits for the day. He was left in an unwinnable 1v3 three situation, and while he tried his best to grab his teammates’ banners and get out of dodge, the enemy squad tracked him down and finished off their hunt.

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The mega-streamer was visibly disappointed in his own performance even before the opposition converged on him, and he let his chat hear his frustration. “I’m so clumsy in this game…y’all see how clumsy I am?”

Doc’s comments on Apex take place at 4:30:00

After saying goodbye to ZLaner and Niko1F, Doc told chat that he needed a break from Apex and was after something fresh. A chatter sympathized with him, calling the BR the most difficult FPS, and Doc agreed wholeheartedly.

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“Not even the aim, it’s movement,” he said. “Fluidity of movement, and hip-firing, and strafe tapping, and slipping and sliding…the separation of players in just that alone.”

That’s not a new observation for many in the FPS space. Respawn Entertainment has always prided itself on the strength of Apex Legends’ movement capabilities, and Doc might have finally met a game that pushes him to the limits of his skill.

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