Dr Disrespect believes Apex Legends is the “hardest” shooter with “very skilled players”

Dr Disrespect with hands on his face in front of Apex Legends menuDr Disrespect/Respawn

Dr Disrespect believes Apex Legends is the “hardest” shooter he’s ever played as he is considering making a return to the popular battle royale. 

As the battle royale and first-person shooter market has continued to grow over the last few years, Dr Disrespect has played pretty much everyone on offer. 

The Two-Time, who is a former Call of Duty map designer, used to dominate in H1Z1 before moving over to PUBG and Warzone. In all of these, despite a few headaches along the way, he’s climbed to the top of the mountain and some point and cemented himself as one of the toughest players to beat. 

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When it comes to Apex Legends, The Doc has constantly flirted with Respawn’s take on the battle royale genre. He wasn’t overly impressed at first, but recently, he’s knuckled down and even gotten to Masters level.

Dr Disrespect says “very skilled” players dominate Apex Legends

As the Two-Time has grown increasingly frustrated with Warzone 2 and threatened to quit, even suggesting he may play Valorant in it’s place, there have been fans urging him to return to the Apex Games. 

Well, it was something brought up on his January 16 stream, as he paid Apex a pretty massive compliment. “It is,” Doc said at first, agreeing with ZLaner’s take that Apex is a “really good” game. 

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“I have to say, that’s the hardest shooter game that the Two-Time back-to-back 93/94 Blockbuster video game champion has ever played. Very skilled players play that game, let’s just say that,” he added. 

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With ZLaner claiming that the pair could “easily” make the jump to Predator in Apex, The Doc appeared enthusiastic about that as a smile took over his face. 

Plenty of fans want to see him hop back on it, there is a goal for him to work towards, so who knows, maybe we’ll see the Two-Time rise up the Apex ranks again before long.

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