Dr Disrespect roasts Warzone over “f**king garbage” Field Upgrade

Dr Disrespect playing WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect has been critical of Warzone plenty of times in the past, but these days, he says there’s a single piece of the game that makes it unbearable to play.

‘The Doc’ is one of streaming’s most notable personalities. When he’s not busy throwing passes to 49ers Tight End George Kittle at the football team’s training camp, he’s usually taking over lobbies in whatever video game he sets his eyes on.

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He’s been known to absolutely take over Warzone lobbies with his duo ‘ZLaner‘ from time to time, and that kind of success makes his perspective a unique one when it comes to things that might be hurting the game in the long run.

Dr Disrespect claims that one Field Upgrade is ruining Warzone

The Two-Time was streaming some matches of Caldera on August 8 and was having a bit of a rough go of it. He was picking up steam with a nine-kill game before ultimately being brought low by two players using Dead Silence.

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Dr Disrespect looking annoyed at cameraYouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc wasn’t entertained after dying to two Dead Silence users

“Back-to-back Dead Silence-ers? How f***ing garbage is this experience?” he asked after getting sent back to the lobby.

This is hardly the first time that he’s popped off at the ground loot upgrade. His distaste for the perk is notable in the world of Warzone, and he even went so far as to claim that Raven Software lied about adjusting it back in December 2021 shortly after the release of Caldera.

While he’s been playing it a little more often recently than he has in the past, The Doc has clearly reached a boiling point with the battle royale. He’s threatened to quit playing it entirely several times in the past, and with his own game on the way, he might actually make good on that promise sooner or later.

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