Dr Disrespect pinpoints Apex Legends’ big advantage over Warzone 2

Dr Disrespect/Respawn/Activision

Dr Disrespect has explained why he prefers Apex Legends to Warzone 2, crediting Respawn with making an “intelligent” battle royale game. 

With the battle royale genre getting bigger each year, comparisons between different games can naturally be drawn. In the case of Dr Disrespect, he’s played them all, loved some things about some, and absolutely hated parts of others. 

The streaming star has been on a Warzone 2 kick recently, making that his game of choice whenever he goes live. Though, he has grown quite annoyed at it, calling the CoD battle royale a haven for unskilled players that has plenty of issues that the devs need to address.

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While he’s not dove back into Apex Legends just yet, he has been teasing that idea. The Two-Time believes it’s the “hardest” shooter he’s played and that it has a leg up on Warzone 2 as it is “intelligent” in its design. 

Dr Disrespect explains why he prefers Apex Legends over Warzone 2

The Doc was back making comparisons about the two games during a recent stream, as his frustrations with Warzone 2 once again bubbled to the surface. 

“As a gamer, that’s what I want to feel – improvement with a noticeable skill gap. I think that is the ultimate recipe,” the Two-Time said. “How do you improve in Warzone? You slow down? Do you slow down or do you jump into 1v4s and try to wipe them out every single time?

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“I mean, Apex, there’s a lot of mechanics happening that I can tell each one individually is improving. There’s so many different elements in that game that require a sense of brains to make a decision and execute that particular mechanic. That’s why I like Apex, you can feel intelligent design behind the game.”

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As noted, The Doc has teased that he’s got some unfinished business with Apex and could dive back into it with the goal of hitting Predator rank. 

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With Season 15 almost over, he might be better suited to wait until the highly-anticipated arrival of Season 16 so he can be on a level playing field.