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Does Loba’s new Apex Legends teaser hint at a Warzone-style Gulag?

Published: 2/May/2020 10:45

by Andy Williams


Following the confirmation of Loba’s upcoming Season 5 debut, some fans are speculating that Apex Legends could be taking a leaf out of Warzone’s book with a potentially game-changing feature.

Respawn dropped a bombshell on April 30, after they all but confirmed Loba for Season 5 with her cinematic reveal and in-game cameos.

But alongside a new Legend (with some inevitable storyline twists to accompany her), could there also be a big change coming to the way the battle royale’s respawn system works?

Loba's cryptic message in Apex Legends.
One of the in-game teasers teleports you to Loba’s lair, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

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Is Loba’s lair a Gulag?

Prominent data miner, ‘iLootGames,’ discovered Loba’s new lair in their recent YouTube video. After the loot bunker has been ransacked, a cryptic message beams from a hologram reading: “Want your treasure back? Come see me!”


While at first this just appears like nothing more than just a quirky message, the data miner later finds a bracelet that teleports them to what is being dubbed as Loba’s hidden lair.

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Filled to the brim with Titanfall-esque androids on either side of the long, single-lane bridge, there could be more to Loba’s lair than initially meets the eye. The secret underground location would be perfect for a fight to the death — Gulag style!

On a side note, the underground den is supposedly located just north of Skull Town, on Kings Canyon! Meaning that Loba might have devised a teleport system to allow her to easily move from one location to another.


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While yes, this all seems very abstract at first, it wouldn’t be surprising if the whole idea of a Gulag was welcomed with open arms in the Apex Games — adding a fascinating spin on how respawning would work.

Imagine… Your Death Box has timed out and you’re no longer able to play a part of the game, so you have to spectate. Unless, you can be pitted in a last chance saloon on the narrow bridge inside Loba’s lair to earn your place back in either Kings Canyon or World’s Edge!

Of course, Respawn has made some revolutionary changes to the Battle Royale genre with their innovative in-game ping mechanics and respawn system, so surely the developers could look towards their counterparts in bid to change the meta for Season 5.


For now though, this is purely speculation, so don’t get your hopes up too much.