Apex Legends ‘Warlord’ Collection event leaked: Skins, Heirloom, Caustic Town Takeover

Connor Bennett
Bangalore in war paint in apex Legends

A fresh round of Apex Legends leaks has revealed details about the upcoming ‘Warlord’ collection event that should see Bangalore given her heirloom. Here’s what you need to know. 

Apex Legends Season 8 has introduced Fuse, an obliterated version of Kings Canyon, a new weapon in the 30-30 Repeater, as well as a whole host changes to the battle royale’s existing characters.

It’s also given Respawn, and their fans, a chance to celebrate the game’s second anniversary, for which the devs released another anniversary collection event.

The event, which has brought new skins and cosmetics to the table, has been a hit with players but it looks like there is another one right around the corner too.

These Apex Legends event bring new skins for characters and weapons.

Apex Legends Warlord event start date

According to a host of new leaks, which have confirmed a Caustic Town Takeover, as well as the release of Bangalore’s heirloom, this event has been given the codename Warlord. That likely won’t be the name of the event once it goes live, but it shouldn’t be too far off either. 

The leaks have suggested that there won’t be much waiting around once the Anniversary Collection Event ends either, with the event apparently scheduled for ‘Early March.’

There is no exact start date mentioned in any of the leaks, but the final teaser is scheduled to drop on March 1, so it won’t be long after that. We’ll just have to wait for Respawn.

Apex Legends Warlord event skins & loot tick

As for who looks to be getting skins and cosmetics, we’ve already mentioned the Bangalore heirloom should be coming in this event, but the leaks have pointed to a good amount of new skins too.

These apparently include legendary skins for Caustic, Crypto, Loba, Gibraltar, Revenant, Rampart, and Wattson. As well as epic skins for Caustic, Octane, Watton, and a host of weapons.

Leaks have also revealed a special event-themed Loot Tick, which is black, red, gold, and has yellow stripes down one side. 

There should also be event-specific challenges, an event prize track with cosmetics, and possibly a new limited-time mode as well.

As we get closer to March, we should see more details revealed by leakers and Respawn themselves, so, we’ll keep this post updated as and when they become available.

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