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New Apex Legends teaser includes Death Note and My Hero Academia

Published: 16/Apr/2021 0:30

by Alan Bernal


Respawn’s latest teaser for Apex Legends could have huge implications for anime fans, seeing as the battle royale studio has included images for My Hero Academia and Death Note, among others.

The main bit that Apex fans were focusing on was the statue of a Valkyrie on the table, which has been linked to an upcoming Legend in the game before. However, Respawn loves throwing their community for a loop and packed the single image with a lot more details to look at.

That’s when people noticed the stacked shelves on the right side of the picture that had quite a few references to popular manga.


After dissecting the image for all of its worth, Apex Legends fans are now wondering what it could mean for the future of the game.

apex legends anime mha my hero academia Land of the Lustrous
Portion of the teaser showing Nessie and manga for Land of the Lustrous and My Hero Academia.
apex legends anime death note manga
Respawn Entertainment
Portion of the Apex Legends teaser with a stack of Death Note manga.

With Apex Legends’ release on the Nintendo Switch, Respawn Game Director, Chad Grenier, was excited to bring the batte royale to a totally new audience.

Since the handheld Nintendo console is massive in Japan, Grenier said he hoped the Season 9 character would be a big favorite in the region.

Now that Respawn have released images associated with Death Note, MHA’s All-Might, and Land of the Lustrous, there’s a chance the next character could be a big fan of manga.


Moreover, if Respawn published imagery in reference to other licensed material on their official channel, then it’s hard not to get excited for any in-game items that could come out of a potential partnership.

apex legends pathfinder nintendo switch exclusive
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn released an exclusive Nintendo Switch skin for Pathfinder.

When the game came out on Steam, Respawn released unique gun charms from the Half-Life and Portal series, with many others leaked since. After the Switch port’s launch, Respawn released a limited-edition Pathfinder skin for Nintendo players.

In fact, Grenier said that he hoped Respawn would “deliver unique content to Japan” in Apex. Hopeful fans, at this point, could only imagine that means there will be anime-themed content on the way, but that remains to be seen.


Regardless, with Season 9 on the way, Apex Legends players should brace themselves for the content dump that Respawn supplies with every new chapter.