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Apex Legends

Leaked Apex Legends gun charms: Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect, more

Published: 11/Nov/2020 13:32

by David Purcell


A handful of new Apex Legends gun charms have been leaked, themed around several EA games – including Mass Effect, Mirrors Edge, and Plants vs Zombies.

Season 7 has added a hoarde of new cosmetics to Apex Legends already. All new sprays and sky dive emotes, alongside the collection of skins for both weapons and Legends.

With the backing of EA as their publisher, Respawn are in a position where the potential crossovers are so wide and broad. They also recently added gun charms exclusive for players on Steam, where Apex launched at the start of Season 7.

Rampart Sheila buff
Respawn Entertainment
It looks like a mini Rampart gun charm, along with a load of others, are coming soon in Apex Legends.

Like the Steam charms, which were linked to Valve games like Portal and Half-Life, these leaked gun charms all related to various games under EA publishing.

On November 10, leaker SWL on Twitter posted a series of images of the gun charms. According to another leaker, Shrugtal, it’s expected that they will be rewards for players who purchase a subscription to EA play.

Apex Legends Leaked gun charms

Mass Effect

Plants v Zombies

Mirror’s Edge

Rocket Arena



There has been no official word on when these will be added to Apex Legends, whether it be during Season 7 or beyond. At the moment.

There is the Holo-Day bash event coming up, although not officially confirmed by Respawn, badges for the event have appeared in-game.

Skins have also been leaked, which is always the highlight of the holiday event. We’ll have to wait and see when these leaked charms become available.

Apex Legends

Smart Apex Legends trick gives Horizon OP movement speed

Published: 17/Nov/2020 11:47

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got an interesting use for Horizon’s Gravity Lift tactical ability that could help her become a pain to deal with in tight spaces.

After all the rumors and speculation about Valk, Horizon joined the Apex Legends party with the start of Season 7, giving players the chance to tweak their playstyle thanks to her abilities. 

Her ultimate, the Black Hole is the star of the show as it gives Horizon and her teammates the chance to suck enemies towards them with a mini black hole, resulting in free damage and kills as the enemies struggle to crawl away from it. 

As for Horizon’s tactical, the Gravity Lift, it might bear a resemblance to Octane’s launch pad – given that you can use it to jump to higher spots. However, it might be more powerful if you need to outplay an enemy while in a tight space.

Respawn Entertainment
Season 7 also introduced Horizon to the roster of Legends in the game.

As Reddit user loseryeet shows, instead of using the Gravity Lift to propel yourself to another spot, it’s actually better to use the air strafe speed boost that you get from it to outplay an opponent. 

If you toss the Gravity Lift down under, say one of the floating homes at Estates or Gardens, you can simply use the floor above you to control your movement instead of blasting off into the sky. 

It might be a quite situational tip, given that you’d need to be in a part of the map where your head can pretty much hit a roof of a floor, but the speed boost you get – as seen in loseryeet’s video – is pretty great and can leave your opponents bamboozled. 

Quite niche, but trap yourself under a building with horizons tactical for insane strafe speeds from apexuniversity

As situational as it is, you will still need to have some solid movement skills in your back pocket, otherwise, you’ll go flying off to one side and give your enemy a chance to win the gunfight. 

If you manage to master the situational tip, you’ll definitely get a leg up on some foes, plus, you’ll be able to look out for it if someone tries to use it against you.