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Apex Legends Nintendo Switch trailer reveals exclusive Pathfinder skin

Published: 2/Mar/2021 16:57

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends’ Nintendo Switch launch is March 9, and players who adopt the newest platform will get some cool benefits, including an exclusive Legendary Pathfinder skin, but it’s only available for a limited time.

Apex Legends is now available on consoles, PC and Switch, as well as a mobile release expected later in 2021. The Switch version was initially expected to launch at the same time as Season 8, but was pushed back to March 9, midway through the season.

As a result, players on Nintendo Switch will not only get the first 30 levels of the Season 8 battle pass for free, but double XP will also be activated for the first two weeks after launch.


The new trailer has also revealed a new look at Apex Legends gameplay on the Switch in action. Despite concerns about frame rate and resolution, it looks to hold up very well on the handheld platform.

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch gameplay

It’s not confirmed yet what frame rate Apex Legends will manage of Switch, the resolution looks strong. Respawn have promised that the full feature set from the console and PC version will be available on Switch, so there’s nothing missing.

The developer of Apex Legends’ Switch version is Panic Button, who also did the Switch version of Rocket League and DOOM.

Cross-play will be enabled at launch, meaning Switch players can team up and face off against players on both console and PC.


Legendary Pathfinder skin: P.A.T.H

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch users, you will unlock the P.A.T.H skin for free – but the offer is only available for a limited time. Starting from March 9, the exclusive legendary skin will only be available until May 4.

The skin itself reflects the Nintendo Switch color scheme of red and white, but the main appeal will be how rare it will be after the two-month promotional period ends.

Pathfinder P.A.T.H skin
Respawn Entertainment
The Legendary P.A.T.H skin will be available for Switch players only until May 4.

What about cross-progression?

The bad news for existing Apex Legends players on other platforms is that cross-progression between accounts will not be possible, at least not at launch.

This means that if you buy Apex on Switch, you’ll have to start with a brand-new account, with only the default Legends and cosmetics available, and a fresh slate of stats. You can purchase the Champion Edition for Switch, which is the least expensive way to unlock the post-launch Legends.


Respawn have said that they are working on cross-progression for the future, but have not confirmed when, or if, it will ever come.

You can wishlist Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch now.