Apex Legends dev shut downs concerns over Storm Point loot pool

Apex Legends Ash character on Storm Point mapRespawn/EA

Ahead of Apex Legends Season 11 and the launch of Storm Point, Respawn Entertainment have responded to concerns about the new map’s loot pool.

Back in 2019, Apex Legends launched with just the one map, Kings Canyon, but Respawn have kept things fresh by adding new maps in the form of World’s Edge and Olympus.

Each time one of the existing maps is updated, players have to switch up their usual drop locations and loot rotations, but a brand-new map is a blank canvas. You’ve just got to dive in and find a spot that works.

Though, that presents plenty of headaches as well. Pick a few spots that are short on loot and it might sour your experience of the map as a whole. Though, Respawn aren’t too worried about the loot pool they’re bringing to Storm Point.

apex storm point mapRespawn Entertainment
This is a big new map coming to Apex Legends.

The new map, which had previously been named as Tropics and Tropic Island in leaks, comes from the same Respawn developer who led the work on World’s Edge – Rodney Reece.

Upon its arrival, World’s Edge suffered a few complaints in regards to the loot pool lacking depth when compared to that of Kings Canyon. Reece headed off any similar complaints shortly after Storm Point’s reveal.

“When World’s Edge launched, people thought there wasn’t enough loot, when in fact, there were 1k more than KC. The loot didn’t adjust until Harvester,” the map designer said. “I expect same earlier feedback for Storm Point at launch. Trust me, there is plenty of loot on SP.”

As shown in the map’s reveal, alongside the usual floor loot spots, players will be able to get new items from taking down the Prowlers and Spiders that also inhabit Storm Point.

Like the battle royale’s other maps, Storm Point will likely undergo changes over time which means loot will probably get shifted around anyway.