Apex Legends reveals first look at new Tropic Island map for Season 11

New Tropic Island map in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has debuted the launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 11: Escape. The trailer reveals some interesting new details about the upcoming Tropic Island map, and cues players in on some potential new gameplay elements. 

Apex Legends has unveiled the first extended look at the upcoming Tropic Island map via a four-minute-long cinematic video. From showcasing the local wildlife to teasing the abilities of the game’s next Legend, the whole trailer was rife for speculation about what to expect in the early-November update.

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Much of the trailer seemed to focus on the duality of the island. It may look like a pristine getaway location on the outside, but its interior proves to be a different beast entirely, and the Legends are going to have their hands full trying to navigate around it.

Let’s take a look at the new piece of the pre-season puzzle.

Apex Legends new map details revealed

Empty beachfront in the Apex Legends Tropic Island mapRespawn Entertainment
This beach may look inviting but danger lurks not so far away.

The obvious highlight of the map is the picturesque beachside where are all of the Legends first arrive. It seems like the perfect getaway location at first, but it doesn’t take long for the party to get interrupted by total chaos.

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This theme continues throughout the trailer, as each new location only gets a moment of quiet before being interrupted by the inevitable combat that awaits them. There were only a few places that even stayed around long enough for players to get a good feel for.

Mirage, Bangalore, and Ash entering a possible new POIRespawn Entertainment
While the trailer doesn’t slow down much, this area does get one of the bigger highlights of the video, as it showcases the team taking down some bad guys and Ash getting a little brutal.

One of those locations is another dilapidated somewhere on the edge of the island as Ash, Bangalore, and Mirage enter it before getting interrupted by Wattson, Pathfinder, and Seer.

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This is pretty similar to POIs that we’ve been in before – like Icarus, the downed ship in the southern region of Olympus. Whatever it is, Ash certainly seems to think it’s important, as she’s the one who leads the team there in the first place.

There were also a handful of interactions with the local animals, and though this is nothing new for Apex Legends, there seems to be a renewed focus on it this time around.

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From Mirage trying to escape a predator at the beginning all the way to a horde of giant spiders that chased him at the end, it looks like the wildlife will play a significant role on the map.

Apex Tropic Island map teasers

Respawn has also released two new teasers for the map, with each one focusing on a new area. The first one focuses on the beach’s shoreline, revealing a better look at the new map’s coastal shelf.

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The second follows a similar formula, giving a brief tour of the local greenery around the island.

These are just the start of the process though, as the Season 11 gameplay trailer is arriving on Oct. 25.