Titanfall’s C.A.R SMG finally coming in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape

CAR SMG in Apex Legends Olympus mapRespawn/EA

At long last, Titanfall’s deadly C.A.R SMG will be coming to Apex Legends in Season 11: Escape as Respawn Entertainment have started dropping all the big details.

With Apex Legends and Titanfall both being developed by Respawn Entertainment, there has always been plenty of room for crossover. Some fans have actively encouraged the developers to throw in crossovers, in fact.

While we might not be getting Titan’s dropping into Kings Canyon or Olympus anytime soon, Season 11: Escape will finally add two Titanfall icons that fans have been waiting for.

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The dastardly Ash has been confirmed as the battle royale’s newest legend, and she will also be accompanied by the C.A.R SMG that has been seen a few times previously.

Ash Apex Legends character wearing a hoodRespawn Entertainment/EA
Ash will finally arrive in Apex Legends with Season 11.

C.A.R SMG finally comes to Apex Legends

As noted, the deadly C.A.R SMG has been spotted a few times in Apex Legends already through Respawn’s dev streams and finisher animations, but it’s never actually been in-game until now.

“A flexible weapon, the C.A.R. SMG is the gun for when you’re ready to make a stand and become the last Legend still standing,” the description for the SMG reads in the Season 11 reveal, with the weapon looking just as it did back in Titanfall.

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Whether or not the weapon will be totally the same when it comes to damage output and recoil, though, remains to be seen. In Titanfall, the SMG’s high rate of fire made it perfect for close-range fights but it dropped off brutally at range.

In the Apex Games, players will be able to switch between using the C.A.R with light and heavy ammo, which is a first.

While unlikely, the SMG could also be tossed into supply drops, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens exactly Respawn has planned for its new season.

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