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Apex Legends September 10 update fixes game-breaking bugs: Patch notes

Published: 10/Sep/2020 18:21 Updated: 10/Sep/2020 20:17

by Alan Bernal


Respawn are releasing a new patch for Apex Legends, targeting multiple bugs that affect Wraith’s Portals, reconnect issues, Knockedown shields not performing to task and more.

The developers are touching on a few areas of Apex that the community has spotlighted in the last several weeks. Wraith’s Portals have been disappearing around the Arena, with the devs noticing that sometimes the ability could get ‘eaten’ throughout the map.


Meanwhile, Knockdown Shields have been letting bullets pass right through them, rendering the last-line of defense ineffective when players are trying to stay alive long enough to get revived.

These changes are going to hopefully stabilize some of the more pressing issues that Apex Legends players have been coming across lately.

Apex Legends ring bug
via Snow_pizza Reddit
Among other fixes in the Apex Legends patch, Ring logic should end oddly placed boundries.

Ring Logic is getting smarter

Among some of the more pressing issues within the battle royale, one change that players are going to enjoy is an apparent fix to the ‘Ring logic.’ This pertains to the wonky ring locations that would make the final rounds nearly unplayable.

For the most crucial instances, this would lead to game-breaking situations where, for example, a Ring would barely have enough room to fit a team since it would mostly be filled with unplayable areas of the map.

This would obviously have in-game implications for teams trying to fight over any kind of reasonable position in the waning moments of a game. But with a better algorithm to scope out the next Ring, these problems should be smoothed over.

Respawn Entertainment
Wraith Portals have been disappearing in Apex Legends.

Disappearing Wraith Portals

Wraith mains have been playing with extreme caution in regards to placing portals on the Arena. There’s been recurring reports of the Interdimensional Rifts disappearing from the Apex Games shortly after being placed.

We’ve seen this affect players who tried to use the ability to get away from danger only to have the Portals go awry, leaving them open and vulnerable to flurries of gunfire.

Obviously, this throws a major wrench in Wraith’s ability kit and usage. And as far and few between it would be for the bug to appear, the devs have sorted the issue all the same.

Septiii Tian via YouTube
There were times when Apex Legends players would get shot through their Knockdown Shields.

Knockdown Shields bug fix

Following the August 20 patch, players found that the Knockdown Shields were compromised in some cases, letting bullets hit the downed target even though the barrier was raised.

As an item whose sole purpose is to prevent players from getting instantly thirsty, this was frustrating many who had come across the glitch. Luckily, this problem is going to get resolved with the upcoming patch.


The devs had their eye on this problem for a little while now and are prepared to get a fix to the Knockdown Shields.

Take a look at the changelist below to see what’s coming in the September 10 patch from Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends September 10 patch notes

  • Improvements to Reconnect
  • Wraith portals disappearing if place in certain areas
  • Knockdown shields not blocking shots
  • Beacons showing up in minimap but not in-world
  • Improved Ring logic
  • Several game logic errors
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How does Apex Legends crossplay beta work?

Published: 1/Oct/2020 19:40 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 20:06

by Tanner Pierce


After being promised a few months back, crossplay is finally coming to Apex Legends in beta form. Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature, including how it works, how to disable it, and more.

At one point, many people thought that playing an online game with your friends on another console was a pipe dream. Now, in 2020, thanks to a combination of modern technology and mega corporations deciding to play nicely with each other, crossplay is slowly but surely becoming the norm across many titles in the gaming industry.


One major title that didn’t have the feature for the longest time, though, was Apex Legends. Fortunately, in June 2020 during EA Play, the developers announced that this would be changing, and that crossplay would be coming to the battle royale game in the near future. Now, Electronic Arts and Respawn have released details about the feature. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

First, it’s only releasing as a beta, for the Aftermarket Collection event. This is so Respawn can text all the features before implementing it fully, along with the Steam and Switch release. For now, cross-play is only between PS4, Xbox One, and Origin.


How to add friends on other platforms

Finding people to play with on other platforms is relatively easy. All you have to do is open the friends menu, click the Find Friend option and search for their name.The game will automatically look for any player matching that name on any system.

Add friends apex crossplay
Respawn Entertainment
Simply search your friends on all platforms to find them.

How to enable/disable crossplay

Crossplay is automatically enabled, so if you don’t have to do anything right off the bat if you want to play with people on other platforms. But what if you don’t want to participate in the beta? What if you didn’t originally but now you want to try it out?

The option to enable and disable crossplay is found in the settings menu. This creates the possibility of longer wait times, as you’re effectively restricting the pool of players that the game can search. Still, the option is there if you want it.

Apex Crossplay settings
Respawn Entertainment
The ability to enable and disable crossplay will be in the settings menu, but it’s enabled by default.

Can PC players play with console players?

By default, PC players will only be matched with PC players in normal matchmaking, while console players will only be matched with console players.

That being said, consoles can still play with PC should they so desire it, but they have to be in a party together before they start matchmaking. After that, the game will include PC players in the pool to search from.

Given the fact that this is a beta, this can obviously change in time for the full release. However, this is currently how it’s set up.


Is cross-progression enabled for the game?

While this is something that’s being considered by Respawn, the feature is not enabled in Apex Legends currently, so if you want to play on another console, you won’t have any of your items that you previously unlocked.

Respawn say that cross-progression is a “valuable” feature, but will take about it during the Steam launch later this year.


All in all, this seems like a great beta and a chance to get feedback from the community. As previously mentioned, given the fact that this is a beta, things can obviously change and be tweaked but for right now, this is a good start.