Apex Legends Season 13 change to ‘Out of Bounds’ makes players sitting ducks

David Purcell
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Respawn Entertainment has announced a stealthy change to how ‘Out of Bounds’ works in Apex Legends Season 13, and Valkyrie mains won’t be happy with the news. 

Out of Bounds is a message that appears on-screen in the Apex Games when players have left the battleground they’re allowed to play in. For example, this could be triggered after going too far into the ocean on Storm Point or by landing on the tallest buildings on World’s Edge.

Even then, players were able to shoot and throw grenades, among other things – so much so that people have been using specific Legends to exploit the feature when traversing the map.

However, in the Season 13: Saviors update, this is all about to change.

Apex Legends Season 13 update to change Out of Bounds

Valkyrie Apex Legends Ultimate
Valkyrie has been given a stealth nerf in Apex Legends Season 13, with these changes.

On May 9, a whole host of tweaks to Apex Legends were announced ahead of the new season on May 10, 2022.

All of those details were published as part of the patch notes, featuring a number of weapon buffs and nerfs, a new Legend called Newcastle, and Storm Point map changes.

One of the most interesting, yet subtle, changes will affect players who leave the realms of battle.

How Out of Bounds works in Apex Legends Season 13

In S13, players won’t be able to do any of the following while Out of Bounds:

  • Use Legend abilities
  • Fire Weapons
  • Throw Grenades
  • Use Survival items
  • Healing items
  • Passive abilities will be disabled

Clearly, this will make the ability for players to return to battle much more challenging and will be a big blow for those who fly outside of the action zone regularly as a strategy.

Legends won’t be able to use their weapons or abilities anymore, which could impact a number of people in the community by making careless errors more dangerous.

This, of course, takes away flying advantages for Valkyrie, who would previously be able to fly Out of Bounds where needed and then come back in. As a result of this tweak, her jetpack would no longer work.

So, make sure you’re landing in the right place in Apex Legends Season 13. Mistakes will be fatal.

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