Apex Legends Pred player caught abusing Olympus out-of-bounds glitch

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Apex Legends players were livid after one fan caught a Predator-ranked player exploiting Olympus’ out-of-bounds exploit during a match.

Apex Legends Season 18 is still in full swing but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been eventful for the community.

Along with the conclusion of ALGS 2023 and developer Respawn Entertainment’s massive ban wave, things have certainly been interesting for fans of the battle royale.

It seems some more bans may be on the horizon thanks to Olympus’ out-of-bounds glitch. Now, Apex Legends fans are furious after a Predator player was exposed for abusing the exploit mid-match.

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Apex Legends Pred player caught abusing exploit mid-match

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit from a user named Fustratedgamer999 shared a clip of a player named ‘AuroraMyMVP’ exploiting the out-of-bounds glitch.

The video, which was recorded off-screen through the user’s phone, showed the player and their squad simply sitting under Olympus as the final circle closed in toward the end of the game.

As eight squads were left fighting on the map above, the Pred and their teammates simply sat still underneath the map — completely safe from harm — as the game neared its conclusion.

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Fans in the subreddit were frustrated at the cheating on display, with many frustrated at the current state of Ranked. “Only [people] that are Preds are map abusers and rats,” said one player.

Others instead aimed their annoyance at Respawn for not pulling Olympus from the rotation after the community at large caught wind of the exploit. “I can’t believe they didn’t pull Olympus the moment this started happening. Huge L by the devs on this one.”

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Another fan echoed the same sentiment and said, “Hey you know what. Ranked is busted. Pubs are busted. Audio is busted. Maps are busted. But we got new skins so who cares!”

According to public rankings found on Tracker Network, the player in question is currently ranked 634th in Pred, with 29,021 ladder points.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not Respawn will take any action against the player, but the community is certainly unhappy with the evidence provided.

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