Apex Legends Season 11 Battle Pass skins: Tiers & rewards

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 starts on November 2, with the brand new Storm Point map and Ash coming in the update. The new Season 11: Escape battle pass will go live at the same time, providing another 100 tiers of content to grind through.

Season 11 also brings the new C.A.R. SMG, a throwback to Titanfall 2 (just like Ash), the new Dual Shell hop-up, and a massive buff for Wattson, which should make her much more viable in-game.

The battle pass is always anticipated in Apex Legends, as players eagerly await to see if their favorite Legend will be blessed with a battle pass skin.

Respawn has now revealed the full Escape battle pass, which also includes the usual set of free rewards for those who don’t want to stump up the 950 coins for the premium version.

How much is the Season 11 battle pass?

As with previous seasons, the battle pass will cost 950 Apex Coins to purchase. but, you can also purchase the Battle Pass bundle for 2,800 coins, which will grant the first 25 levels immediately.

But, you don’t have to spend money if you’d rather not, as all players in Season 11 can still get the following rewards completely free:

  • 7 Apex Packs
  • 6 Weapon Skins
  • 6 Load Screens
  • Win Trackers for all Legends
  • 1 Music Pack
  • 300 Apex Coins
  • Season Badge

What’s in Apex Legends Season 11 Battle Pass?

This time, Respawn hasn’t revealed all the reward tiers, so we’ll have to wait until the update goes live in-game.

But, you can see all of the skins and cosmetics here:


Gibraltar battle pass cosmetics


Mirage battle pass cosmetics


Loba battle pass cosmetics


Revenant battle pass cosmetics


Wraith battle pass cosmetics

Crypto mains might be disappointed to see that they won’t be receiving a skin in the battle pass again – the last time was way back in Season 4.

Other rewards include holo sprays and new ground emotes for Legends.

As always the battle pass also includes a total of 1,000 coins, so you’ll have enough to buy the Season 12 pass as well, if you don’t spend them.

The battle pass will go live on November 2 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT