How to use Dual Shell in Apex Legends: New hop-up in Season 11

Calum Patterson
Dual Shell Apex hop up

Apex Legends Season 11 is adding a new hop-up attachment to the mix: Dual Shell – suitable for two weapons, that will drastically increase how fast you can chamber a round (or two). Here’s how to use the new hop-up.

Hop-ups are unique attachments in Apex Legends, suitable only for select weapons, giving them a distinct advantage. With each new season, developers Respawn Entertainment try to switch things up, either by adding and/or removing hop-ups from the loot pool.

For Season 11, the latest addition is the Dual Shell hop-up. As the name implies, this allows you to load two shells instead of one when reloading the weapon, cutting the reload time in half.

Dual Shell weapons in Apex Legends

So, what weapons can Dual Shell be applied to? Only two: the 30-30 Repeater and the Mastiff shotgun.

Mastiff Shotgun

Both of these weapons load by inserting one new round at a time, a deliberate balancing choice. But, both weapons have fallen out of favor in recent seasons, and so this new hop-up acts as a way to buff both weapons without actually touching their stats.

How to use the Dual Shell

There’s no magic touch required here, unlike some other hop-ups like the Boosted Loader, which require specific timing by the player.

Dual Shell hop up
Respawn Entertainment
The Dual Shell is a purple tier hop-up, for the 30-30 Repeater and Mastiff.

With the Dual Shell, you’ll simply need to find the hop-up on the ground, in loot bins or in care packages, and then attach it to the designated weapon (either the Mastiff of 30-30 Repeater.

Then, when you have fired a few shots, you’ll notice that as your Legend reloads the weapon, the ammo count will increase by two, rather than one.

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Essentially, your reload time is cut by 50%, allowing you to fire out some 30-30 shots downrange, and immediately load a bunch of rounds in the chamber again.

The Dual Shell will be available at the start of Season 11, and you can also pick it up in the Firing Range if you want to give it a shot before heading into a match.

Hopefully, this is enough of a tweak to make the 30-30 and the Mastiff more viable choices over their competing weapon options.