Apex Legends quest reveals first Season 6 teaser with Titanfall 2’s Ash

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer cgdaanpd]This is the final reveal that Apex Legends players have been working toward throughout the Broken Ghost quest line, and what it could mean for the next chapter of the story in Season 6.

Respawn’s new PvE missions started with a bang and ended by revealing the Titanfall 2 simulacrum, Ash. Although she’s not expected to be a playable character, she could have a heavy presence on the Apex Games in the coming season.

Not only have the missions been a welcomed gameplay experience outside of the normal battle royale, but it’s also been a rewarding way for Respawn to explore the ever-expanding lore inside their universe.

(Broken Quest spoilers below)

How to complete Enemy of my Enemy / Ashes to Ashes

This one plays out a bit differently, but the whole process is straightforward. You’ll have to absorb five totems before having to dig up the hidden artifact.

Once retrieving it, you’ll have to escape with it in tow and onto the low-hanging ship to evacuate from the map filled with Predators.

After that, the Ashes to Ashes sequence is simply a way for the player to navigate through The Lost Tomb to eventually fit the last piece of the puzzle and reactivate Ash.

Ash in Season 6

After collecting the final of the nine artifacts, the completed simulacrum comes to life while giving a brief remark ending with the line: “The path ends here. Welcome to Olympus.”

While leaks for the game have pointed to the Titanfall 2 character’s existence in Apex, how she’ll play into the actual Games remains to be seen.

We should learn more of Ash’s role in Apex Legends in Season 6.

What is Olympus?

What we do have to go off of is ‘Olympus,’ a location on the planet Psamathe, homeworld to Lifeline and Octane. In the epilogue of the quest, Octane and Lifeline discuss what Ash could have meant, and are scared about returning to their home planet for the Apex Games.

Kings Canyon was the primary location for the Apex Games in Season 1 and 2. In Season 3, we were introduced to World’s Edge, and it evolved in the next seasons after it. By this trend, it’s very possible that the Legends will find themselves on a new battlefront in Season 6.

We got our first proper look at Psamathe in Loba’s ‘Legacy of a Thief’ trailer. It’s an urban environment, which appears to be a city in the sky, as shown by this art by an artist who worked with Respawn for Loba’s trailer.

Olympus in Apex Legends
This is an artist’s impression of Olympus, made for Loba’s trailer.

As for Ash, since she’s all but broken down in her in-game appearance and there’s no evidence to suggest she’ll be playable, she could be a central figure in the Arena or for the next batch of quest missions in the new chapter.

Now that the dynamic between Loba and Revenant has seemingly changed for the time being, Ash could be a key player in the next part of the hunt for the Synthetic Nightmare’s source code.

We know that Revenant’s head has already been transferred to Production Facility 819 on Psamathe, so it would be the next natural point of emphasis for us to go in the story.