Wild Apex Legends bug is almost like a whole new game mode

Bill Cooney
Apex legends sky glitch almost like a new game mode

[jwplayer Fc1cVTGH]A crazy new bug in Apex Legends is practically like a brand new game mode that’s throwing players for a colorful loop when it happens to them.

Bugs and glitches are nothing new to Apex Legends players, but it’s not every day you see one that could almost be considered an entirely new game mode on its own. A clip of the glitched Apex game was posted to Reddit by user Jaelamo, who wondered, in jest, if it was a sneak preview of an upcoming Limited Time Mode.

The video shows Apex players falling into a glitched map, and never reaching the ground. But, the circle continues to shrink, which means all the Legends in the battle can still be eliminated. So (in theory at least) it would be possible for one squad to come out on top at the end of the match if all the others fly out.

Even though the display and map are obviously glitched, four squads managed to make it close to the endgame circle. There’s no way to knock or damage enemy players in the air, so it all comes down to human error to determine who the last squad standing will be.

Sadly, Jaelamo didn’t last long enough to see the end of the match, but we’re very interested to find out whether or not the last squad in were actually awarded the title of Apex Champion, or if they’re still falling and tumbling to this day.

An Apex mode where you never touch the ground would certainly be different and interesting, to say the least.

This is obviously just a bizarre, one-off bug, but it does get us thinking about how cool a mid-air Apex LTM would be for players.

Of course, for a mode like this to work and to prevent matches from lasting hours on end, Respawn would need to add some mechanics to damage or at least bump other players while in the air that aren’t in the game currently.

At the time of writing Apex Legends Season 6 isn’t too far off, so who knows? Maybe Respawn will embrace this bizarre bug and introduce a whole new kind of high flying game mode for players. It is a bit unlikely, but stranger things have happened to the Apex Games before.