Respawn trolls Apex Legends leakers with hidden message in Season 18 update

an image of Crypto in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends dataminers have uncovered a cheeky line of text from developer Respawn Entertainment in the Season 18 update.

Apex Legends’ Season 18 patch is live for all players, bringing with it Revenant Reborn, balance updates, and much more.

Whenever a big patch like this comes along, dataminers and leakers look through the data to see anything that could give hints at future content.

However, developer Respawn Entertainment is well aware of this practice and snuck in a cheeky line of text for Apex dataminers with the Season 18 patch.

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Respawn trolls Apex Legends leakers with a secret message

Word of the hidden text came from Apex Legends content creator KralRindo on Twitter, who posted a screenshot of the hidden message for all to see.

The string of text was simple, reading: “const string HI_DATAMINERS = “TOP SECRET DATA HERE ->” with the arrow pointing to a link to Respawn’s careers page.

The Apex Legends community found the hidden line of text hilarious, with many making jokes about “Top secret data.”

“LOL, You got bamboozled,” said one fan, while another joked that it “sounds like they’re challenging y’all.”

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Fellow leaker TheLeakyBot on Twitter also replied to the post and said, “They just told us to get jobs.”

Unfortunately for those fans hoping to actually learn some news about Apex Legends’ future, the “top secret data” teased on the text line was nothing more than a troll for those who actually managed to dig into the update files.

Still, those fans eager to learn more about what Season 18 holds likely won’t have to wait too long based on previous seasons, as Respawn likely has plenty of new content on the horizon.

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For now, though, those holding out for more info via datamines and leaks will just have to wait patiently.