Apex Legends dev confirms Titanfall connections in Season 20’s story

Jeremy Gan
Apex Legends dev confirms Titanfall connections in Season 20

Apex Legends devs have confirmed Titanfall’s connections in the Season 20 story after the initial trailer’s teaser of the Time Gauntlet. 

Before creating Apex Legends, most gamers knew Respawn for their beloved Titanfall series that they broke into the industry with, a series that very much influenced Apex’s gameplay as a whole. 

It is no surprise considering Apex is set in Titanfall’s universe lore-wise, taking place well after the events of the game. However, direct crossovers and connections between the games are quite rare, other than the odd reference. 

Though now with Apex gearing up for its Season 20 launch, one of the biggest updates yet. the devs have confirmed the Season’s ties with Titanfall, with Horizon taking centre stage.

In an interview with GameSpot, Apex Lead Writer Ashley Reed confirmed that the teased Time Gauntlet in Season 20’s trailer will be part of Season 20’s overarching storyline. 

“You’re on the right track; I think you saw it,” Reed told GameSpot after they asked about the Gauntlet in the trailer. 

“You get a little hint that something’s going on with Horizon [in the launch trailer]. It may be worth looking at that shot again from the end of the trailer.” 

The short teaser can be seen at the end of the trailer in which we see Horizon somberly looking at a part of the Time Gauntlet from Titanfall. Given that her lore centers around finding a way to time-travel back to her son, it’s fitting she’s the center of the story. 

Reed further revealed in the interview that Horizon will not only be the center of the game’s narrative arc, with Ash potentially being part of it as well. 

Season 20 of Apex Legends is set to start on February 13. You can read more about what to expect in the new season here

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