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Titanfall 2 character spotted in leaked Apex Legends cosmetics

Published: 25/Mar/2020 14:24 Updated: 25/Mar/2020 14:34

by Andy Williams


A number of upcoming Apex Legends weapon charms have surfaced thanks to dataminer ‘KralRindo,’ with one charm showing a famous Titanfall 2 character not currently part of the Apex Games.

Respawn are constantly providing fans with fresh new cosmetics to sport during the Apex Games, whether that be through weapon or character skins.

More recently, weapon charms have been all the rage in Apex Legends, with the Bobblehead charms the most sought after. So devoted fans will be delighted to know that a series of character charms have been leaked — which perhaps hints at things to come in Season 5 and onwards.


Pathfinder's Bobblehead charm in Apex Legends.
Pathfinder’s Booblehead charm can be acquired for 1,200 Crafting Metals and is one of the most popular charms in-game.

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Ash charm spotted?

KralRindo – the dataminer behind the leak of voice lines for eight unreleased weapons and a brand-new weapon ammo type – has unveiled a host of weapon charms that were sitting in the game files.

There are a variety of trinkets on show, from miscellaneous charms to more Bobblehead charms — including Season 4’s debutant, Revenant.

I found more charm in the game files from apexlegends

Amid the plethora of charms is a character who has never been seen before in the Apex Games. Although those familiar with the Titanfall 2 universe will know of Ash. The character is conspicuously sitting between the Lifeline and Bloodhound Bobbleheads in the top-right hand corner. And a comparison of  this weapon charm to Ash in Titanfall 2 is almost an exact match.


Reddit / Respawn Entertainment
The leaked weapon charm looks like an exact match for Ash.

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Who is Ash?

Ash is a simulacrum, just like Hammond Robotics’ Synthetic Nightmare, Revenant. Unlike Revenant, Ash was formed by Vinson Dynamics following the Battle of Typhoon in Titanfall 2.

What ties Ash into Apex Legends’ existing plot, is that before becoming a simulacrum, Ash served as one of Kuben Blisk’s lieutenants in the Apex Predators.

Blisk has an extensive lore that runs through the veins of Apex Legends. Aside from being a ruthless mercenary, Kuben Blisk is the founder of the Apex Games and is said to be the brains behind The Syndicate — the organization moderating the Apex Games and who Crypto has locked horns with in the past.


Alongside his extensive lore, Blisk’s full ability set has been previously leaked by dataminers. Therefore hinting that Respawn fully intends to introduce him into the Apex Legends universe as a playable character in the future.

Kuben Blisk in the opening sequence of Apex Legends

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So what does this mean? Well, Ash is the perfect bridge between Revenant and Blisk, which could tie into a plot that has been bubbling under the surface since the introduction of the Planet Harvester.

We know that Hammond Robotics is using the harvester to gather precious metals from the core of World’s Edge. So it’s quite possible that Ash will enter the Apex Games to aid Revenant’s “thirst for vengeance” in a bid to ruin the organization’s bid to extract materials — simultaneously ruining Blisk’s grand plan.


Of course, the above is entirely speculative. Especially considering Loba is tipped to be the next character to enter the Apex Legends realm. However, it is most definitely food for thought, in light of how Ash bridges the gap between simulacra and the changes to World’s Edge in Season 4.